5th Annual Carnival of Genealogy Swimsuit Edition! Pictures from the 1930’s check out those suites!

The topic for the July edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is The 5th Annual Swimsuit Edition! 



Well I hunted and I hunted and I hunted for more recent swim suit pictures in my albums and these were the only ones I could find. Okay, I confess,  so I didn’t look all that hard! I am not so willing to share my flesh with ya all ! So I have decide to show you a few photos of folks unknown in bodies of water unknown.

These photos were in family photos, so I am guessing they are either cousins or aunts and uncles (my grandparents would NEVER, hee hee hee the more I look at it, it just might be Nana and Grandpa)! The family from which these photos came from lived by water in a few places. This could be one of the great lakes, especially likely would  be Lake Michigan or Lake Erie. There was family in California and Florida too. Could be the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans or the Gulf.  Where ever it is looks like they are having fun and staying cool.

Lone bather (wader?) having fun can’t tell who it is, again probably in one of those places listed above.
Time period I am guessing is in the 1920’s or 1930’s .

Last but surely not least one last bather. Looks like it might be a young woman and the same one as in the previous photo.  I wish it was a bit clearer, but this one seems to have a double exposure.

Where is your favorite watering hole?  Here in Michigan you have your pick, never have to go to awful far to find water.  Have a safe and wonderful summer as you enjoy the water!

Happy Hunting!



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  1. These are really precious photos, Julie. I think the first picture is Lake Michigan (or one of the Great Lakes) and the other two are on an ocean beach. I don’t know why I think that I just do. They do all look like they’re having fun wherever they are!

    My favorite watering hole is Lake Michigan! :-)

    Thanks for sharing and participating in the COG, Julie!

  2. Jasia, I think that Lake Superior is my favorite big lake. Portage Lake at Waterloo State park is my favorite small lake. Shhhh don’t tell the lake down the street that 😀

  3. Neat photos! I was just at Lake Michigan yesterday… :)

  4. Carol

    Enjoyed your entry to the COG. Those are some great photos.

    • They are great aren’t they, I just wished I knew for sure who they are! Maybe will blow the up and see what I can see! Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy 4th of July

  5. My favorite Michigan lake was Idlewild Lake because we went to my uncle’s cottage there for years when I was growing up and then lived on that lake ourselves for 20 years. I sure do miss it during this heat wave now that I am far, far away!

    • I like that part of the world to! Our band camp was up that way, probably a little closer to Kalkaska spent three summers up that way, was beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the photos!

  6. I enjoyed these photos as well!. I hope you figure out who your mystery people are. They all look like they are enjoying their time at the beach!

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