Amanuensis Monday-Letter posted March 25, 1928 from David Ogilvie to his daughter Ruth

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. From The National Standard Encyclopedia

Amanuensis Monday was started on the Transylvanian Dutch Blog. This link will take you to the page concerning Amanuensis and why one should transcribe the records !

Dresden March 25, 1928

My Dear Daughter-

     It has only been Campbell’s soup once so far, but there is plenty of opportunity yet.  I take supper at Grace’s, that being their big meal.  The other two do not cause me any trouble.  I get just what I want and all of it that I want.

    By this time you will know something about teaching in College, its honors and the troubles.  Doubtless it will be a helpful experience.  You didn’t say how much of a vacation you were to have. Does it last over Easter week, or only over Easter Sunday?  Mother was rather counting on your having an opportunity to go to Kinsman, which would hardly be possible if you have only three or four days vacation.

     You might drop a card  and let me know so that I may plan for it if it ‘s be so that we can drive up there on the 9th or there abouts.

     Florence writes that she thinks that possibly she can go along with us if we go there, or later.

     The last letter I had from Mother was written last Sunday. She was then taking milk & broth alternately and was getting along somewhat  better. Friday had been her worst day.

      It looks as if Spring had really come.  If it keeps on I may try to get a few seeds planted this week.  The furnace has been completely shut off for the last two days and the house is abundantly warm.

     Ward bought a baby cab from Bob Frazier and has given it a coat of paint. It looks just like new and Marilyn Ruth had her first ride in it yesterday. She is still doing finely and making very little trouble.

     Barbara Ellen and Junior were in an Operetta Friday evening that was very pretty and went off exceedingly well.

     I hear the Wheeling train tooting. So I think I had better close and got to bed.

     In the expectation of seeing you soon.

           Your Loving Father


David M. Ogilvie








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