Amanuensis Monday-Letter written to Ruth O. McCartney from her sister Winn

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. From The National Standard Encyclopedia

Amanuensis Monday was started on the Transylvanian Dutch Blog. This link will take you to the page concerning Amanuensis and why one should transcribe the records !

1516 No. Dixie Highway
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
April 6, 1960

Dear Ruth:

      Thank you for the lovely birthday card, your note and the pictures you enclosed. It is so good of all of you.  And you are looking younger every day! Dorothy couldn’t get over it.  She said you looked younger than she.  But as I looked at the groups I thought you were all pretty young-looking people.

     I had just written Kaye when your letter came so didn’t get the picture off at once, but am enclosing it in a letter today.

     It is so grand being at Dorothy’s and she is doing her best to see that I get plenty of calcium in my food, vitamin C, etc. Plenty of cottage cheese, buttermilk, yogart and we both eat bone meal onour cereal.  I liked it very much at the rest home except for the meals. I got very little milk and scarcely any orange juice and I felt that I was slipping back every day I was there.  Kaye used to bring me oranges often when they came to see me which I was so grateful for.

     But we sent away for more bone meal with vitamins D added the other day.  To a health center where all their products are much cheaper than in the average health food store.  Also for Rose Hips in tablets  that are 100%  Vit. C. Do you know what they are? They are the seed pods of wild roses.  I seem to need especially calcium and vit C. for building bone and Dr. Murray and our osteopath I had call today. Both told me not to give up and gave me much  encouragement. The osteopath  here prescribed a hormone which Dorothy will bring home tonight that he said was wonderfully effective in building bone.  So Dorothy is going to try to do what she can with food, vitamin and minerals! The doctor today took my blood pressure and he said “wonderful!” It always has been normal in spite of the other things. Of course, as he said, he didn’t see the xrays, but he doesn’t see why I wouldn’t have a reasonably good chance of being able to walk again. After a few months of using this hormone and the extra vitamin, calcium ect, on xray would show what was happening. We just might fool the Brunswick doctors!

     Yesterday and today have been quite chilly altho on the days before, the temperature was up in the 80’s and quite warm. But it could easily change again just over night.  Dorothy has a small air conditioner in the living room which she was going to have removed and a larger one installed. But Ernie said, “no”.  She wouldn’t get much for it anyway. He said, and might as well just leave it in and have another small one put possibly in my bedroom or the hall if the one she has doesn’t prove adequate. So I shouldn’t be bothered with the heat here.

     Well Ruth, Dorothy will soon be home and I’d like to write a note to Kaye and will enclose the picture. Write when you have time.  I presume the organ takes a good deal  of your time these days. eh?  Oh, buy the way, in one of Florence’s letters she said you had written me and enclosed a picture of you sitting at the organ, but I didn’t get it, Ruth.  I had meant to have Dot phone the rest home to see if they received it.  They have been very good at forwarding my mail and just wondered if perhaps you hadn’t mailed it yet.

     Remember me to Mac-

                                         Lovingly Winn

Aunt Winn passed away about 3 months after this letter was written.

Happy Hunting!


Adela Ruth Ogilvie McCartney
6 Sep 1905~3 Apr 1985


Winfred “Winn” Mason Ogilvie Davis
29 Mar 1888~21 Jul 1960


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