Friday Family History-Daniel and Mary Terrell Dimmock/Dimick married 23 November 1732 Windham, CT.

Daniel and Mary Terrell Dimmock are my 5th great-grand Uncle and Aunt.  Mary Terrell being the sister of my 5th great-grandfather Lewis Terrell/Terrill whose wife is Anna Babcock.

I don’t have much information on Mary . I believe that Mary was born between  1712 and 1713 in New Jersey(other sources say CT) to Josiah and Hannah Terrell/Terrill. Mary is the great-granddaughter of our immigrant ancestors and Great Migration participants Roger and Abigail Ufford Terrell.  Daniel is the second husband to  Mary Terrell, with Daniel, Mary had two children they are as follows:

Phebe born 8 December 1733 , Windham CT, married James Hawkins 12 May 1757 Coventry CT.

Joanna born 8 February  1736, Windham CT, married Samuel Curtis Jr., 26 May 1763 Coventry CT. She died 1 April 1816 Windham CT.

I was able to find a considerable amount on Daniel and his Dimmock/Dimick/Dymoke/Dimmocke family. Daniels great-grandfather was also among the earlier settlers of New England coming with the Great Migration, although I am not sure if he was with the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony or the Pilgrims at Plimoth, we find that Thomas died in Barnstable, Massachusetts  in 1658/9. Some research suggests that this Thomas, the great-grandfather of Daniel, is the son of Edward Dymoke. If this is his family link it would make Thomas and Daniel descendants of the House of Scrivelsby the Kings’ Champions. What makes this story even more interesting is that Thomas may well have come with a group of Puritans and very much  a contradiction to his standing  in life.

The King’s/Queens Champion have been of that house since 1066, they are also the royal standard bearers. A Champion stands in the stead of the King or Queen if they are being challenged. They do their fighting for them. Queen Elizabeth’s Champion is Lieutenant-Colonel John Lindley Marmion Dymoke. The position is much more involved then this and you can find much more information on the lineage and history of the Champions on the internet and I am sure at your local library!

Some of the information that I gathered on this family can be found at:

General Notes on the Dimick Families of North America

Descendant of Thomas Dymoke

CT -MANSFIELD RootsWeb message board 

Happy Anniversary Daniel and Mary

Happy Hunting!


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