Friday Family History/ Nehemiah Bowne b. 6 Jul 1708 Lower Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey

Nehemiah Bowne is my  7th half Great grand-uncle. Nehemiah  was born to Andrew Bowne and Anna Seabrook in Lower Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey on 6 July 1708, he married Deborah. Andrew Bowne was born in Middletown, Monmouth county, New Jersey and died about 1710. Andrew married before 1710 Anna Seabrook, after Andrew died, Anna then married the Rev. John Bray in about 1712 she had two son by John they were Daniel and Andrew Bray. It is from Andrew Bray that I descend.   Nehemiah also had a brother named Peter. Nehemiah’s last testament  includes brothers Daniel and Andrew Bray and a daughter named Mary Fisher, who is most likely a stepdaughter,  he died in 1738, he would have only been 30 at his death.

I must say that I have some very colorful ancestors! Many of them coming to the America’s to find religious freedom and yet still more looking for more freedom beyond the traditional religion of the area. Two that I can think of are, Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallet who dared to stand up against her Uncle and the Church of New England (Congregational/Puritan) and Rev. John Bray who was at one time a member of the Church, either left Massachusetts on his own or asked to leave because of some of his beliefs. Rev. John became the Pastor of one of the first Baptist Churches in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey.   I don’t have a lot of information on his step-sons Nehemiah or Peter. I do know a lot of information on this family can be accessed  at Internet Archives in the text format of the book William Bowne, of Yorkshire, England and his descendants or at Google Books in several formats.  The book is by Miller K. Reading.

In reading in other places about this family may have family ties to the Boone and Lincoln families. I am not sure exactly what William Bowne and George Boone connection is other then a mention that they both descend from Humphrey de Bohun. So let me keep count here, hubbie is descended from George Boone III and I am half-niece to a Bowne.  Things sure are getting very convoluted in my children’s ancestry!!!  The Bowne isn’t blood, it is sure is close 😀

Below is a chart of my relationship to Nehemiah Bowne:



Common Ancestor
* Anna Seabrook
11 Reverend John Bray (? -1716) married 1712 *Anna Seabrook Andrew Bowne (? -Abt 1710) * Anna Seabrook married 1707
10 * Andrew Bray (1713-1789) married Margaret Watson
(1713- )
* Nehemiah Bowne 1708
9 John Shurts(Abt 1750-18130 married * Deliverance Bray (Abt 1752-1837)
8 * Andrew Shurtz(1778-1816)Married Ann (Nancy) Shurtz(Abt 1784-)
7 * John Hamilton Shurtz(1805-)married Nancy Curl(1807-1887)
6 Carman L. Terry (1828-1896)* married 31 Dec 1848 Sarah Elizabeth Shurtz(1832-1912)
5 Silas Jackson McCartney(1861-1926)* married 22 Oct 1886 Nancy “Nannie” Curl Terry(1868-1906)
4 * Arthur Cellus McCartney(1889-1971)married 4 Jul 1908 Christina S. Cutter(1889-1958)
3 * Willard Warren McCartney(1910-1996)married 2 Nov 1935 Adela Ruth Ogilvie(1905-1985)
2 * James Ross McCartney married Dency Jane Terrill
1 Julia K. McCartney

* descendants of Anna Seabrook

Happy Hunting!

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