Sarah Winthrop 29 April 1634 Happy Birthday Lil One/Family History Friday

Miss Sarah Winthrop the daughter of Gov. John Winthrop and Margaret Tyndal was born, according to Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections, 1620-1988 Record for John Ruggle, in the year 1634 on the  4th month 29 day. She was Christened on 20 Jun 1634 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. “Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915,” Sarah Winthrop

As I have looked for more information on little Sarah/Sara I have found several places where it says that she died either in 34 or 35. Possibly, never seeing her first birthday. She was the last child of Margaret and John, that I am aware of.

I have often wondered why she was not named Anne. You might wonder why I should suggest that he should have named her Anne. In the Puritan world and many parts of England and Europe during that time period, there was a naming order that they followed. For a more information visit, Naming of Children by Massachusetts Puritans. If a child was born and didn’t live a long time many times the name is(Necronymn) used until the name “took”.  John had  three daughters before named Anne. Two of the baby girls with his first wife Mary Forth and one Anne, who died shortly after getting to the new world with her mother Margaret. This Anne was born just before Sarah. I wonder if John thought after three that providence was not allowing him to have a child named Anne. So to please God and hopefully have more living children he stopped the quest for a little Anne. We may never know why he no longer named any of his girls Anne.  I am sure he so wanted to honor his sister Anne and his mother Anne. John’s fathers name was Adam and there were many Adam’s among his sibling and nieces and nephews, that did not survive. I can’t imagine how heart breaking this must have been.

The little miss is my first cousin , eleven times removed,and my husbands first cousin 11 and 12 times removed .

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Hunting!

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  1. I do miss those old naming customs — made things so much easier for us who came afterwards, and there was something satisfying to have the name related to others in the family. Now it could be River, Feather, Brittany, Cher, or even Utah.

  2. I don’t know about easier! When everyone names theirs son’s after their fathers and there are five boys that belong to the father……that could end up to be an awful lot of John’s in the same records! 😀 and in one generation!! So sorting could be fun at very least.

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