Family History Friday/ Silas Jackson b.15 Jun 1781 Morris Co NJ

It seems as this is New Jersey home-coming week. Last Friday we celebrated the birthday of my grandfather David C. Terrill’s birthday. His lineage came out of  Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ.  One line is my fathers and the other my mothers. I have not yet found a cousin connect yet , but I surely would not be surprised! I have already found a connection between my father and my husband, through the Jackson family. Silas’ Aunt Elizabeth is one of Jim’s grandmothers (9 and 10 times if I recall right).

Silas Jackson is the son of Daniel Jackson and Jemima Benjamin. He is the second Silas born to this couple. The first Silas only living 8 months before perishing.

Silas was born on 15 June 1781 in Morris County, New Jersey he married first Jane (Unknown), some have cited that this Jane,  is  Jane McHenry, it is quiet possible as these two families were fairly close in proximity in Columbia County Pennsylvania. Jane is found buried next to Silas at  Coles Creek cemetery  / St. Gabriel’s Church Benton Columbia County Pennsylvania. The inscription on the stone reads as follows:

Jackson Silas September 9, 1864 83 Years 2 Months 24 Days
Jane March 11, 1805 23 Years His Wife
Martha L.(this initial is disputed) June 4, 1815 3 Years Daughter of Silas and Mary Jackson
Jemima February 1830 75 Years Wife of Daniel Jackson (Silas’ mother)

Silas’ second wife was Mary Polly Peterman daughter of James and Elizabeth Bartleson Peterman of Philadelphia, PA. She was born 4 Sep 1789 in Philadelphia, PA.

Silas’ Uncle Benjamin removed to Knox Co. Ohio with the Allen family about 1813. I am not sure if Silas was among the troop but I do know that at some point he did remove to Knox, Co., Ohio as we find Mary’s death date and place as 8 Nov 1863 Holmes County Ohio. They were the parents of twelve children, eight of which lived to adulthood. Their daughter Jemima Jackson who married Samuel Craig McCartney are my third great grandparents making Silas and Mary Polly my fourth great grandparents.

I am not sure how Silas ended up back in Pennsylvania.  I do know that the cause of death was drowning, and I have seen it noted that he drowned in Fishing Creek. He died on 9 Sep 1864 Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia Co., PA. I am going to guess that he went back to live with one of his children and the rest of the Jackson family and friends that had been left when Silas and Mary moved on to Ohio.

Happy Birthday Grandpa 😀


Happy Hunting!

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