Sarah Winthrop 29 April 1634 Happy Birthday Lil One/Family History Friday

Miss Sarah Winthrop the daughter of Gov. John Winthrop and Margaret Tyndal was born, according to Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections, 1620-1988 Record for John Ruggle, in the year 1634 on the  4th month 29 day. She was Christened on 20 Jun 1634 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. “Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915,” Sarah Winthrop

As I have looked for more information on little Sarah/Sara I have found several places where it says that she died either in 34 or 35. Possibly, never seeing her first birthday. She was the last child of Margaret and John, that I am aware of.

I have often wondered why she was not named Anne. You might wonder why I should suggest that he should have named her Anne. In the Puritan world and many parts of England and Europe during that time period, there was a naming order that they followed. For a more information visit, Naming of Children by Massachusetts Puritans. If a child was born and didn’t live a long time many times the name is(Necronymn) used until the name “took”.  John had  three daughters before named Anne. Two of the baby girls with his first wife Mary Forth and one Anne, who died shortly after getting to the new world with her mother Margaret. This Anne was born just before Sarah. I wonder if John thought after three that providence was not allowing him to have a child named Anne. So to please God and hopefully have more living children he stopped the quest for a little Anne. We may never know why he no longer named any of his girls Anne.  I am sure he so wanted to honor his sister Anne and his mother Anne. John’s fathers name was Adam and there were many Adam’s among his sibling and nieces and nephews, that did not survive. I can’t imagine how heart breaking this must have been.

The little miss is my first cousin , eleven times removed,and my husbands first cousin 11 and 12 times removed .

Happy Birthday Sarah

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5th Annual Carnival of Genealogy Swimsuit Edition! Pictures from the 1930’s check out those suites!

The topic for the July edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is The 5th Annual Swimsuit Edition! 



Well I hunted and I hunted and I hunted for more recent swim suit pictures in my albums and these were the only ones I could find. Okay, I confess,  so I didn’t look all that hard! I am not so willing to share my flesh with ya all ! So I have decide to show you a few photos of folks unknown in bodies of water unknown.

These photos were in family photos, so I am guessing they are either cousins or aunts and uncles (my grandparents would NEVER, hee hee hee the more I look at it, it just might be Nana and Grandpa)! The family from which these photos came from lived by water in a few places. This could be one of the great lakes, especially likely would  be Lake Michigan or Lake Erie. There was family in California and Florida too. Could be the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans or the Gulf.  Where ever it is looks like they are having fun and staying cool.

Lone bather (wader?) having fun can’t tell who it is, again probably in one of those places listed above.
Time period I am guessing is in the 1920’s or 1930’s .

Last but surely not least one last bather. Looks like it might be a young woman and the same one as in the previous photo.  I wish it was a bit clearer, but this one seems to have a double exposure.

Where is your favorite watering hole?  Here in Michigan you have your pick, never have to go to awful far to find water.  Have a safe and wonderful summer as you enjoy the water!

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Family History Friday/ Silas Jackson b.15 Jun 1781 Morris Co NJ

It seems as this is New Jersey home-coming week. Last Friday we celebrated the birthday of my grandfather David C. Terrill’s birthday. His lineage came out of  Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ.  One line is my fathers and the other my mothers. I have not yet found a cousin connect yet , but I surely would not be surprised! I have already found a connection between my father and my husband, through the Jackson family. Silas’ Aunt Elizabeth is one of Jim’s grandmothers (9 and 10 times if I recall right).

Silas Jackson is the son of Daniel Jackson and Jemima Benjamin. He is the second Silas born to this couple. The first Silas only living 8 months before perishing.

Silas was born on 15 June 1781 in Morris County, New Jersey he married first Jane (Unknown), some have cited that this Jane,  is  Jane McHenry, it is quiet possible as these two families were fairly close in proximity in Columbia County Pennsylvania. Jane is found buried next to Silas at  Coles Creek cemetery  / St. Gabriel’s Church Benton Columbia County Pennsylvania. The inscription on the stone reads as follows:

Jackson Silas September 9, 1864 83 Years 2 Months 24 Days
Jane March 11, 1805 23 Years His Wife
Martha L.(this initial is disputed) June 4, 1815 3 Years Daughter of Silas and Mary Jackson
Jemima February 1830 75 Years Wife of Daniel Jackson (Silas’ mother)

Silas’ second wife was Mary Polly Peterman daughter of James and Elizabeth Bartleson Peterman of Philadelphia, PA. She was born 4 Sep 1789 in Philadelphia, PA.

Silas’ Uncle Benjamin removed to Knox Co. Ohio with the Allen family about 1813. I am not sure if Silas was among the troop but I do know that at some point he did remove to Knox, Co., Ohio as we find Mary’s death date and place as 8 Nov 1863 Holmes County Ohio. They were the parents of twelve children, eight of which lived to adulthood. Their daughter Jemima Jackson who married Samuel Craig McCartney are my third great grandparents making Silas and Mary Polly my fourth great grandparents.

I am not sure how Silas ended up back in Pennsylvania.  I do know that the cause of death was drowning, and I have seen it noted that he drowned in Fishing Creek. He died on 9 Sep 1864 Sugarloaf Twp., Columbia Co., PA. I am going to guess that he went back to live with one of his children and the rest of the Jackson family and friends that had been left when Silas and Mary moved on to Ohio.

Happy Birthday Grandpa 😀


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52 weeks of Personal Genealogy/ Week 19 Childhood bedroom.. (really?)

“I am too young to work so hard!” said when told to clean my room when I was about four years old!  Having said that I think I will discuss window treatments, size of the rooms etc and not the condition in which I kept them most of the time~it’s a sad, sad thing!

The first bedroom I recall was in the apartment in Scottsdale AZ. Yes that would be the one I complained about working so hard at cleaning up. In my mind’s eye  I don’t see much of a mess, just me complaining and feeling put upon that I should clean my mess, what a concept! I shared this room with my little sister, 4 yrs my jr so at that point it was all my mess and none of hers. We would share a few more rooms before the “duration” was over.  A few not so fun things happened in that room, most of them surrounding my sister.  She liked to sleep on the floor and she slept on the bottom bunk, so it was nothing for her to climb down on to the floor and curl up and go to sleep, well one night I proceeded to fall out of the top bunk and the poor thing got smushed. Other then getting woken up abruptly I don’t believe  there were any injuries. I don’t recall to much of the incident, I must have slept through it ! The second thing was she figured out that Santa didn’t decorate the Christmas tree while she was sleeping. For further explanations visit Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

We moved to Michigan when I was eight years old and in the new house I had a room all to myself. I really liked that, even thought it wasn’t in my room I had my very own closet, I felt so grown up! I would like to report that I kept it spotless but I didn’t.  It was a long narrow room the smallest of two rooms upstairs. I have for some reason, just realized Trish had the bigger of the two rooms, which must have been fine with me.  I must admit I was not a nice sister, Trish would have a bad dream and come and ask to sleep with me and she was relegated to the foot of the bed. It’s a wonder I am willing to share a bed with my spouse! I am not sure how many years I had that room, at least a couple when Dad decided to make their bedroom downstairs an office thus I joined my sister in the bigger room.  The house was a bungalow which had a dormer on the back, so one side of the room had a low slanting ceiling and the side was high and flat. Sometimes we had our beds as bunk beds build under the higher roof and sometimes we had our beds separated and the room kinda split in half.  We had a cat that would come and go out our back window, shhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell Dad! She would climb the tree next door jump on the roof and ask to come in and we would let her out the same way.  We had several litters, a few that didn’t make it. It is always fun to wake to a wee kitten batting at your eyes.

We painted that room a nice lavender and put up what were probably kitchen curtains, but they were airy and flower. Those curtains fit the bill whether they were kitchen curtains!  I recall in I took home design in 8th grade and had to do a floor plan and decorating plan for my bedroom, I was upset that I only got a C, wonder if she knew I just put down how we had our room. I have since viewed  many plans for dormer rooms and what I could have done with that room would have been fun! I would have probably gotten an A if I had even tried. So that is how it goes with grades.

That room had beautiful hardwood floors, I think, or was it a carpet of clothes? I guess those clothes kept the floors nice and pretty! There was always a fuss about whose mess it was, indeed it was “ours” but neither one of us wanted to admit that we had contributed in any way. Have some very fond memories of sharing that room with my sister and some not so good, but I would rather ponder on the fond memories.  How many kids do you know that get called down stairs to get a spanking and then proceed to go upstairs and argue about who Dad spanked harder. Such was life in our little room.

The next room was one that I shared with my new husband it was in a rental, we were there only a year or so.

There have been three bedrooms since then one in a mobile home, which we finally grew out of. 6 people in a 14 x 74 mobile home can you say sardine? There were three bedrooms, but they were not very big.  There are lots of memories of that bedroom, 4 babies brought home to spend a few months with us in that room before being put in their own rooms. Lil ones playing on the bed with Daddy. Visits in the wee hours of the night because they had a bad dream. I was much nicer to them then my sister. I did let them sleep on a pillow between Daddy and I, no foot of the bed for them. Although still liking my sleep very much, they were quietly taken back to their beds when they were asleep, they didn’t very often  spend the night with us.

We moved to a new house when the last two were still pretty young 5 and 3 if I recall right. We took the smallest room for two reasons, with four kids they needed the two bigger rooms and the smallest room had once been an office and had a door to the outside world in it. I wasn’t willing to put teenagers or wee little people in that room so it became ours for a good many years. With most of the kids gone we now have the master bedroom. Don’t tell any one, but it’s not clean either.  It’s not like the days of childhood, but you will find the bed not made (why bother it will just get unmade at night ) and the dresser full of stuff and maybe a few clothes on the floor. Pssst but it’s not my mess it’s hubbies!

Happy Hunting!