52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy Week 18 Notable weather and my reactions!

Well now this is an interesting subject, seeing that at one time I thought about being a meteorologist. Move over Mike Bettes! OH wait, maybe that wouldn’t work out so very well. I have this over powering fear of tornadoes and at one time thunderstorms. Where this fear comes from I truly can’t say, it seems that it has always been with me. My Mom thinks that it might be because of a very strong storm in Az that we weathered  that put down 4 or 5 bolts of lighting into the alley out side of the bedroom that her and I were in. It might be, but I don’t really recall, and that could be an sign that she is correct.

Even with this fear I find myself stuck to the tv when bad weather is impending, unless it is here and you’ll find I am the first one to the basement, hall, bedroom, bathroom, where ever the safe place is in the house that I am in at that moment, the storms draw me!  Why, I have no clue unless it is my way of trying to reconcile myself to them and to fear them less. Maybe it is me trying to overcome being so terrified by understanding more about them.

I know 20 years ago I would be a basket case even at the mention of Tornado watch, even if the sun was shinning, I knew there was a tornado out there somewhere with my name on it! Oh, wait did I mention 20 years ago I lived in a mobile home! We’ve all seen what a tornado or even just high winds can do to a mobile home, it isn’t pretty. While we were living in the mobile home we had a safe place to go, it was the Jr. High school which was south and west of us and I always thought well isn’t that nice driving right into the storm. For most of the storms here come from the west! Verying from to SW to NW. One time we went there and the door was locked and we all stood outside, wasn’t that safe! From then on we went to Jim’s Mom’s house which was at least due east and we would be either driving with or out of the storm. That all stopped the day we were driving to her house and saw a funnel cloud not more then a mile to the north of us.  I know that they tell you to leave your mobile and home and I in my heart of hearts know you should and I would not encourage anyone to stay if they have shelter, but at that point we just stayed home prayed and we were always spared the brunt of the storms. That is not to say a few good winds didn’t take out a few screen doors or some siding.

When it was storming at night I was always the first one up and the last one to go back to bed, mind you it was just the kids and I.   Jim could sleep though WWIII ! He unlike me, is the fellow who runs outside to see if he can see the tornado! Thank you I will stay in my nice warm, maybe safe home.

I now live in a nice big brick ranch and I can actually sleep through thunderstorms. Surprisingly even after lightning hit the tree outside my bedroom window a few years back (about 30 ft from the window) talk about going from snoring and standing in one move! I was able to lay back down with little trouble getting back to sleep. Okay, yeah I had to wait for my heart to settle, but that was more from sheer alarm. Thunder at 60 feet is loud to say the least and to be in a deep sleep to boot ya my heart was racing!

Maybe understanding things, takes some of the fear away! I think in my case it has…although when clouds start spinning, I go running still! But there is a lot less panic and more resolve.

What is your storm story? Does your family have storm stories to share!

Happy Hunting!

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