Rebecca Cutter b. 20 Apr 1709 Happy 303 rd Birthday!/ Friday Family History

Rebecca Cutter,  believed to be the daughter of Richard and Mary Anne Pike Cutter.

Rebecca was born in Cambridge, Middlesex, Ma. on 20 April 1709. She descended from Samuel and Elizabeth Cutter of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne England, through their son Richard and Elizabeth Williams Cutter of Cambridge Ma through William and Rebecca Rolfe Cutter and to their son Richard.

I am not sure when and how the Cutter’s came to American, but by the dates that I have found I am guessing they were with some of the first settlers of Boston or surrounding areas.

Rebecca Cutter is my 6th Half Great Aunt ( hoping that is the correct way to name her)

Relationship Chart
Julia Katherine McCartney [2] is the Half 6th Great-GrandNiece of Rebecca Cutter [2004]

Common Ancestor Richard Cutter

Major Richard Cutter(1682-1756)Mary Ann PikeMarried 20 Aug 1706 [1118] Major Richard Cutter(1682-1756)Mercy Kelsey Married
Rebecca Cutter(1709-1792)Married Ephraim Frazee Ephraim Cutter married Susan Burwell
Samuel Cutter(1763-1859)Married Mary Cole
Ezekiel Cutter(1805-1877)Married 10 Jun 1830 Martha Charlton
Samuel J. Cutter(1833-1902)Married 13 Nov 1860 Christina Stucker(1836-1904)
Harry M. Cutter(1862-1955)Married 25 Oct 1883 Sarah Jane Starrett(1863-1924)
Christina S. Cutter(1889-1958)Married 4 Jul 1908 Arthur Cellus McCartney(1889-1971)
Willard Warren McCartney(1910-1996)Married 2 Nov 1935 Adela Ruth Ogilvie(1905-1985)
James R. McCartney m. Dency Terrill
Julia McCartney m.  James Hogston

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  1. Norma Smith

    For your information: William Frazee married Rebecca Wilkinson and Hiram Frazee was their son. Ephraim Frazee married Rebecca Cutter and produced nine children.

    Apparently someone saw “Rebecca Frazee” as William’s wife and assumed the wrong maiden name. To further complicate it, many viewers are copying data that says Rebecca (born 1709) was married September 27, 1792 and died the same day, which would have been age 83.


    • Thank you so very much Norma! I will correct it 😀 I have her death date as September 27, 1792, as far as you know this is the correct date for death? I don’t have a marriage date for this couple.
      Again thank you for your correction. I will place this in my file and correct the her husband on here.

  2. don

    Hi cousin!

    I am a direct decendent of Rebecca through her daughter. Shes like my 5or6 great grand mother.


  3. Rebecca Cutter Frazee was my 6th Great Grandmother, through my Mother’s Father’s side of the family. Rebecca & Ephraim’s daughter Hannah, married Benjamin Sayre. My material great grandmother was Delila Jane Sayre, Benjamin’s great-great granddaughter.

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