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The 1940 census is here!  I haven’t done a lot looking as I have been indexing the census. It is has been fun. Colorado, Delaware, and Virginia are three of that states that I have worked on so far.

The other night I went searching for my grandparents. I called Mom and asked her were in Cleveland they lived (call me lazy  but I really didn’t want to look through all of Cleveland’s enumeration districts to find them.)  I did find them where Mom thought they were. What I did not expect to find is that Grandpa was on line 55 which means he answered some supplementary questions. Only the persons on line 55 and I believe it is 68 were questioned. So in looking I received a very nice surprise. It was not new information for us, but for someone who does not have this  information it could be a small gold mine!

Below is  the normal information asked

Supplementary questions found at the bottom of the census page.

Among the questions that Grandpa anwsered, are what was his usual occupation and where was he working. He was also asked where his parents were born and what language that he spoke. There are also four questions about military service.

I am still looking for my other set of Grandparents. You would think they would be easier to find, seeing they are in a smaller town then Cleveland. I have a road for which they may have lived on, but it is not listed as such in the program to find the enumeration district. I will have to find out if this road was called something else, like Main Street or something similar.

So back to the hunt and if you would like to help the hunt become easier, how about joining those at 1940 Census Community Project and help index the census. It is easy to do and will cost you nothing but a few minutes a day.

Happy Hunting!




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