Friday Family History/Winifred Mason Kaye 3 February 1863

Winifred Mason’s birthday is today, she was born to Philander and Mary Holden Mason 149 years ago today in Edgewood, Delaware Co., Iowa.

Winifred was the wife of Rev. Alexander Smith Kaye,they are married on 21 of June 1890 in Edgewood, Delaware Co. Iowa.

Winifred died on 14 Jun 1930 in Neoga, Cumberland, Illinois. Winifred is buried in Iowa 0n 16 Jun 1930 Edgewood, Delaware, Iowa in the Edgewood Cemetery.

Winifred was Alexanders first wife.

At this time I have found no children for this couple.

Winifred and Alex are my Grandmother Ruth O. McCartney’s Aunt and Uncle.

Happy Hunting!

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