Friday This Day in My Family History- Married about 381 yrs ago Robert and Elizabeth Winthrop Feake

Approximately 381 years ago my 9th Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Fones Winthrop  b. Jan 21, 1609/10, Groton, Suffolk, England and died about 1668,
probably at Hallett’s Cove, Newtown,Long Island New York.  Married her second husband Robert Feake on or before January 27, 1631. Elizabeth married her first cousin Henry Winthrop the son of John Winthrop and Mary Forth Winthrop, who drowned shortly after coming to the new world, while swimming in the Charles River.

Henry had gone before her with his father John to the new world. When Elizabeth arrived in Boston Nov 2, 1631 with their baby Martha Johanna, aboard the “Lyon,” which also brought Gov. John’s wife Margaret, she was already a widow.

Robert Feake was born about 1602 London and he died Feb 1, 1660/1 Watertown MA, m.Eliz. by Jan 27, 1631/2. Robert came to Mass. Bay before Oct 19, 1630. By July 18, 1640 Robt. and Eliz. had removed to Greenwich, CT (bought land). On Apr. 9, 1642, when they accepted Dutch jurisdiction over Greenwich, Eliz. signed for her husband
who was ill. Mental illness may have been the reason that their marriage broke up.  In 1647 Robert returned to Boston and then made trip on to England. It is not certain whether Robert ever returned to Greenwich, but he spent most of his remaining years in Watertown, MA, where he became a public charge.

The story goes that when Robert left Greenwich in 1647, he left an overseer by the name of William Hallet in charge. The marriage  between Elizabeth and Robert was disolved sometime after that. Elizabeth  may have then married my 9th great-grandfather William Hallet. It is not certain whether there was actually a marriage between this couple. Their story is one for another time.

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