WOW! Guess its time to get back on the band wagon!

Gee I am not sure where the month of December went. Okay so I do know where it went. I work retail and things got rather busy and  lot hours that were picked up. Family gathering, Church functions and trips to the mall, left  little time for much else. I did honestly try to do the Advent Calendar, but got way-laid somewhere around the 4th day! So much for the excuses! It’s a good thing, that this blog isn’t my lively hood.

It is now the New Year and time of rebirth so to speak, a clean slate and new beginning. My first offering of this new year of 2012 is a picture of my father taken when he was yet little?


I understand Dad weighed in over 10 lbs at birth. I bet my Mom is glad I didn’t follow this trait! I was but 4 lbs 8 oz, I am sure she would have hoped for a bit more weight in my case.

I wish everyone a very Blessed New Year and my the Good Lord guide and keep you in 2012!

OH and Santa thank you so much for this photo, what a welcome thing to find in my stocking !!!

Happy Hunting!

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