Happy Thanksgiving!

There  has been much conversation about when and why our ancestors came to this county. Some insist that many of  them came for the land for the possible wealth of this country.  This may very well be correct. As we all know there are those that came to this country for religious freedom. Some of these had to learn tolerance and others that gave it freely. There was a smaller group yet, that arrived on these shores as punishment, who in time gained their freedom.

What strikes me about both groups they came here for FREEDOM, whether it was freedom to better their life with good land and hard work or the FREEDOM to worship as they pleased  and in many cases for both freedoms.

I give thanks for these ancestors, for whatever reason that the embarked on a long hard voyage across a  large and not always peaceful body of water, to seek their freedom so that their descendants would also enjoy such freedoms.

My fondest prayer, is that we open up our eyes and see that our freedoms are being slowly taken away in the name of progress. In the hopes that government will cure-all our ills. I truly don’t believe this is good for our country.

If my people which are called  by my name , shall humble themselves, and pray , and seek my face, and turn from their wicked  ways ; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Chronicles 7:14

This passage from The Holy Bible is talking to the believer. We should humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and above all turn from our wicked ways? You say wicked ways??? Why would a Christian be or do wicked things? Have they not professed a love and fellowship with God? Yes we have, but in saying that we are yet human. Capable of doing things that please ourselves and not God. I think many reasons that people are seeking for the Government to take care of things to help the poor and all the other ills of our society is that the Church has neglected The Great Commandment To Love God and  to  love thy neighbor. I am thankful I belong to a church that has not forgotten and strives daily to improve on our selves in God’s light and not in our own light. I call believers to remember God’s command to love they neighbor and how are we to love or neighbors… MORE than ourselves. Instead of being self-serving be a servant to others.

Bless yourself by Blessing others! Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone!

The Cycle of Thanksgiving


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  1. Perhaps we only get interested in our fimlay history BECAUSE our grandparents are no longer around to give us the answers. I started my research when I was given the results of my Uncle’s research, much of which came from my grandparents on both sides of my fimlay and I thought there were more questions in it than answers. Had my grandparents been alive I could have asked them to fill in the gaps and I would probably have left it at that. Because I had to find out for myself I got more involved and I learned a lot more. And of course I am still going!Thank you for showing me that regrets about not asking my grandparents questions when they were alive are useless!.-= Carole Rileyb4s last blog .. =-.

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