Friday Family History/ Happy 189th Birthday William Sterling

The branch that  William Sterling sets on in my tree is an Uncle. He is the brother of my 3rd great grand-mother Sarah Sterling Starrett wife of Charles B. Starrett of MD.

William was born I believe in Ohio and more specifically Prairie Township Holmes Co. Ohio as we find his father there in 1850, of course that is not conclusive enough to say beyond a doubt, just too many years between birth and this census. I will need to find the earlier censuses and confirm this. His father was from Westmoreland County, PA so that is another direction to look.

I believe as an adult William lived with his wife Katy/Kate in Cleveland, Whitley Co., Indiana, for I find a gentleman with the name of William Sterling born in 1822 in Ohio in both the 1860 and 188o census for the state of Indiana. In the 1880 census we find him with his wife and 3 of his children and possibly a grandchild. Flem. (short for Fleming ) age 24 Male, Hopkins age 21 Male, Cassius age 18  Male and Kittie Money age 5 female.

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In the 1860 census we find him with a Mary aged 41 F. I am guessing this is a first wife as in the 1880 census Katy is younger and not older than William, or she may well be Mary Catherine, something I need to look into further and the age is incorrect and we know that just never happens when dealing with the ladies! Son James age 7, son Fleming age 4 and it looks like Wolkins age 1 ( I am thinking that is Hopkins).

There are still many questions that need answered and another road which to travel in this search for ancestors.

If you are part of this family I would really love to hear from you!

Happy Hunting!

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