Friday Family History/Happy 395TH Anniversary Adam and Elizabeth Creel Mott

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!

After checking some information, I am not sure if they are my grandparents or not. They are someones, so I will leave it here with out my lineage attached.

Adam Mott and Elizabeth Creel were married on the 28 of October 1616. The marriage took place in Essex, England. I believe that Adam and Elizabeth where Quakers and I have record of another marriage for Adam to a Mary Lott and that records stated the marriage took place at the Society of Friends in Newport RI.

I am not, at this, moment sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mary is a second wife, as I have found other records that say he married second to a Sarah Mott.

While I was tracing from me back to Adam and Elizabeth, I noticed that I had some merging that needed to be done. The merging is now done and  I am hoping I did it right! Thank goodness for back ups!

Happy Hunting!

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