Friday Family History/ Enos McCartney (182yrs) 14 Oct 1829

Enos McCartney is the son of my fourth great-grandparents Isaiah and Lettice Hudders McCartney. Enos is the second youngest of twelve children. I believe he was born in Holmes CO., Ohio. His birthdate is 14 October 1829.

I received from the Holmes Co. Library a copy of a Common Pleas case that was between his brother Samuel (administrator of his father’s will) and his mother Lettice,it contains 11 of the 12 children of which he is one (stated that he was a minor) in the summons and proceedings. If I read the case right, there was outstanding debit that had to be paid so they needed to sell part of the farm land, and Lettice was petitioning for Dower rights. The proceeding occurred between 1850 and 1851. In the end I believe they sold about 10 acres. I am wondering what legal age was in the 1850’. If Enos was born in 1829 he would have been around 21. Yet he was listed as a minor in one of the documents.

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