Family Friday History October 7-Eliza Jane Elswick 116 yrs old

On this day in 1895, Eliza Jane Elswick was born to Henry and Susannah Hampton Elswick. She was born in the midst of autumn in the mountain country of Kentucky. They called home Hartley, Pike County, Kentucky. Eliza married Joseph Burke the son of  James Martin and Susana Hampton Burke on 27 November 1919 in Pike Co., Kentucky.

Joseph and Eliza had five children, the last two being a set of female twins. Eliza and one of the twins died shortly after child-birth. The second twin is my mother in law.

The Susannah and Susana are second cousins, and it is this Hampton ancestry that I connect to my husband through the Jackson family. Soooo we are actually cousins more than once, but who is counting !

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