Question on Preserving the small 4×4 photo albums

While I sit here working on scanning photo’s (the correct way mind you!)  I have come across a dilemma and I am sure I am not the first one to have this issue.

I have several, at least a dozen, of those small 4×4 photo albums that the pictures companies used to put the photos in. These are in great shape, with only a few loose photos that I will put into another place safe keeping. My thought is, do I remove the rest of the photos and place them in better surroundings or is the little album a good home for these picture?

I have some photos, that I have used archival corners on and I put them on acid free cardboard (actually for comic books) and placed them in archival plastic sleeves. I was thinking of doing this with these photos, makes for easy identification and they actually store nicely in a filing system, although they are kind of bulky but not a bulky as trying to store them in large photo albums.

Very big sigh, I guess I will order some more sleeves and in the meantime, I would love to hear what others have done with these little albums!

Happy Hunting!

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