Friday Family History on Sept 30/William and Anna Hogston Lewis married 172 yrs ago today

Anna Hogston is my Husband’s 3 great grand-aunt.

Anna Hogston, married William Lewis on 30 Sept 1839 in Washington City, Smyth Co., Va.

Anna is the daughter of John and Prudence Hogston of Smyth Co. Va. Her brother John and Susan Taylor Hogston areĀ  Jim’s 3 great-grandparents.

Each time I do this historical day, I find so much more information that needs be to gathered. I don’t know how people can have “done” family trees! Maybe they are just more persistent than I am.

On a side note it is also my Brother-in-laws 54 Birthday and he shared this day with his Aunt Neola G. Burke, she was born on 30 Sep 1920 in Hartley, Pike Co., Ky the daughter of Joseph and Eliza Jane Elswick Burke.

Happy Hunting!

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