Treasure Chest Thursday/ From Negatives to Flesh

I am a bit back ward this week, and I apologize for this! After I posted what I had worked on for part of the week and had it ready to post for Friday, I remembered that I had not posted Thursday’s offering.

This weeks treasure came in the forms of pictures, some that I have already shared with you. The picture of my grand parents

A. Ruth Ogilvie and Willard Warren McCartney

and the picture of my grandmother and her siblings standing from youngest to oldest and all but the youngest trying not to giggle. ( proving to me it is always the youngest that starts things 😀 )

These picture were found as I have stated before in box of boxes, the treasure in these photos is that fact they were negatives and I really had no clue what they held! I was fearful to take them to a chain operated photo department. Most of them are great with digital photos and photos taken recently, but these were single negatives, and I guessed they were at least 70 yrs old. I asked around and found a Photographer! He has done excellent work for me and I would like to give him a mention. If you’re in the metro Detroit and need work done, I would suggest Joe. You can find Joe at Photo Joe/Joseph Marshall Photography

Those negatives are 70-year-old, and actually some of them closer to 80 yrs old.
The greatest treasure  the majority of these photos were taken at a Ogilvie Family reunion in Dresden Ohio in 1933. I believe there were only two people in the family not present. I couldn’t have hoped for more! I now have pictures of my great-grandparents with their children, spouses and grand-children. Now that is what I call putting flesh on bones!

There was just one problem with these photos and it really wasn’t with them, but with my knowledge of the family. I could place my grandmother and a favorite aunt, but the most of the rest of them were guesses for me. To change this dilemma I posted them to and invited family members to help me put names to faces and I also invited them to print or download what they wanted. There were over 100 negatives (I still have more to developed) so I thought this would be the best way to share them. I have many more photos of other families and I am thinking seriously about doing the same with them. You can visit the share page of the Ogilvie photos mentioned above at Ogilvie Family Photos.

They are now being put in an album and being named. There will be a disk added to the album . I  will be saving them both Tif and jpg files. I am not sure yet how I will index and name them on the disc. That will be my next adventure.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

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