Friday Family History on This Day/ Meredith B. and Mary J. Sanders Martin married 160 yrs ago

While looking through many blogs in the last few months, I found one that I liked at Kentucky Kindred Genealogical Research (KentuckyKindred) called “Today In Genealogy History” by Phillis Brown. I am going to change this up a bit and do what I am going to call Friday Family History on This Day. Instead of a daily posting I will be going through my genealogy calendar on Friday and picking one event on that day. I can see this not being a weekly by-line as there will be Fridays on the calendar that will be quiet. Join me on this adventure. My first offering is below:


Mary J. Sanders is my husbands 1st cousin three times removed.
On this day, Sept 23,  in 1875 she married Meredith Benjamin Martin son of William and Anna Davis Martin. The marriage took place at the home of her parents Wade Hillard and Hannah Potter Sanders in Pike Co., Kentucky.

Meredith married a second time. I have conflicting information about Mary’s death date. So I am not sure if it was a divorce or death that brought this marriage to an end.

Isn’t that funny you solve one question only to find another!

Happy Hunting!


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  1. I would love any info on mary jane sanders.she was my husbands gr grandmother.we have never been able to find her gravesite. would love
    to hear your stories. please respond. connie

    • HI Connie!
      I don’t believe I have more then this, however I will look in the Sander’s Genealogy book that I have and see if there is anything more on Mary J. Sanders.
      My husband is descended from Mary’s father’s, brother, Granville Sanders who married Rhoda Potter. The Potter girls Hannah (Mary’s Mom) and Rhoda I believe were cousins.

      Thanks again for stopping buy and saying HI!
      I will get back with you asap.

  2. Chuck Schwartz

    Hi there — I’m not sure if we’ve chatted before, but Meredith and Mary Jane were my great grandparents through their son Melvin M. Martin. I have a lot of info. on them.

    • Good Morning Chuck!
      I don’t believe we have spoken before. My husband is descended from Mary’s Uncle and Aunt, Grandville and Rhoda Potter Sanders, through there son William Floyd and Julia Rowe Sanders and his Grandmother is Ola Sanders who married William Burgess Hogston all of Pike Co. Kentucky. I would love to have information on this family if you’re willing to share. If you are interested I can share what I have on this part of the family.

      Thank you for stopping by and saying Hi Cousin!
      Have a great day

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