Meme or not to meme/That is the question

For those who want to know what a meme is: The term Internet meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/; meem) is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. For an example, Wednesday Wedding, or Following Friday, or any of the other forms that are used as prompts in the Genealogy blogging circles.

Tonight I am going to brave it on my own, without help from a prompt. Here it goes….

While working on my family history this week I stumbled on two awesome finds.

The first one I found while visiting the Ohio Rootsweb site. I was looking through Holmes, Wayne, Knox Counties as my McCartney family have lived in all three and it is one of those cases that they really didn’t move around much, but rather the counties changed around them. While on the Holmes county page I found Holmes County Civil Court Index 1825-1900.  In the index I found Isaiah McCartney (grandfather or uncle) Samuel (grandfather) vs. Lettice McCartney (grandmother or aunt) it was in 1850 after grandfather Isaiah had passed, so most likely Isaiah was his son. As to Lettice I am not sure if it’s a sister or mom. This just makes we wonder why the two would have taken the other to court.  I will be sending off to the Holmes Country Library to get copies of the case. It sure has me  intrigued as to what when on, can’t wait to find out !

The other piece of information I found was on  Google books. I was doing a search on Google for “McCartney in Columbia Co.,PA” one of these results was a book, in which I believe I found an obituary for William D. McCartney the son of Isaiah and Lettice Hudders McCartney. The book is entitled  The Presbyterian Historical Almanac, and Annual Remembrance of the Church for 1864 by Joseph M. Wilson Volume 6. If you have ancestors in the Columbia Co. Pa during this period you might find it interesting reading even if you don’t find any family information in it.

Happy Hunting!

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