Surname Saturday-Ogilvie from Perthshire Scotland circa 1882

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My Ogilvie family is from Perthshire Scotland. John being born in 1835 in Newtyle, Perthshire. I believe I found his father John in the 1851 census and it has is birth place as Leigh, Midlothian, Scotland.

They immigrated to Canada in about 1882 and settled in Sarnia, Ontario. At this point in time I do not have the ship, or landing information.

It seems that they want their story told this week, as many of my posting and photo finds have been centered around this family.  May I introduce you to my Ogilvie Clan starting with my Second great grandfather and Grandmother

  John Ogilvie and Mary Menzies Ogilvie

1-John Ogilvie , son of John Ogilvie  and Marjory
Crawford [1222], was born in Feb 1835 in Newtyle, Perthshire,
Scotland, died on 30 Jul 1887 in Sarnia, Ontario at age 52, and
was buried on 31 Jul 1887 in Lakeview Cemetery, Sarnia, Ontario,
*  He was employed in Farm Servant, Teamster, Cemetery Caretaker.

John married Mary Menzies , daughter of John
Menzies  and Charlotte Smith(Smyth) , on 17 Jul 1857 in
Perth At Auchtergaven, Scotland. Mary was born in 1836, died in 1896
in Sarnia, Ontario Canada at age 60, and was buried in Lakeview
Cemetery, Sarnia, Ontario, CA
. They had eight children: Marjorie,
Charolette, David Menzies, Jane Ann, Jessie, Mary, Christina, and

2-Marjorie Ogilvie  was born on 8 Aug 1857 in Auchengraven,
Perthshire, Scotland(1) and died in 1930(2) at age 73. Another
name for Marjorie was Maggie.

Marjorie married George Harris.  They had
three children: Marjorie, George, and John.

3-Marjorie was born on an unknown date and died in 1977
Date Questionable.
3-George was born on an unknown date.
3-John was born on an unknown date.

2-Charolette Ogilvie  was born in 1859 in Leblendy,
Perthshire, Scotland(1) and died on 22 Jan 1945(3) at age 86.
Another name for Charolette was Chat.

General Notes: Salvation Army was her life work- she never married
was in the Buffalo, NY

Charolette never married.

David and Barbara Kaye Ogilvie and their children in 1933

2-Rev. David Menzies Ogilvie was born on 10 Mar 1861 in
Hatton Of Cargill, Perthshire, Near Dundee,(1) died on 27 Feb
1937 in Miami Dade Co., Florida At His Home 250 N. W. Thirty
Fourth Street (The Herald Newspaper Obit) at age 75, and was
buried on 28 Mar 1937 In Dresden OH.
David married Barbara Jane Kaye, daughter of
Byron Kaye and Ellen Smith, on 17 May 1887 in
Cook Co., Chicago, Ill.(5) Barbara was born on 31 Mar 1863 in
Woodstock On Canada,(6) died on 9 May 1941 in Zanesville,
Muskingum, Co., Ohio(7) at age 78, and was buried in Dresden ,
Muskingum Co. Ohio.(8) They had eight children: Winfred Mason,
Alexander Kaye, Norman Menzies, Eva Louise, Grace, Marjorie Leona,
Florence Ellen, and Adela Ruth.
David was a Presbyterian Minister.

3-Winfred Mason Ogilvie  was born on 29 Mar 1888 in Cook
Co., Chicago, Ill.(9) and died on 21 Jul 1960 in Ft
Lauderdale, Fla  (Per Memorial Card) at age 72.

Winfred married Dr. Charles H. Davis.
Charles was born in 1887 and died about 1940 about age 53.
They had two children: Muriel and Dorothy.

3-2nd Lt. USMA/USAS AE Alexander Kaye Ogilvie \was born
on 15 Jul 1889 in Kenosha , Wisconsin,(10) died on 29 Nov
1918 in Toul, France(11) at age 29, and was buried in Dec
1918 in American Military Cemetery No. 108. The cause of his
death was airplane accident in France. Another name for
Alexander was Kaye. He never married and had no children. Removed to
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis Indiana in 1921.

3-Dr. Norman Menzies Ogilvie [1587] was born on 14 Jul 1891 in
Kenosha , Wisconsin(12) and died on 4 Aug 1977 in Orlando,
Fla at age 86. Another name for Norman was Norman Ogilvie.

Norman married Bess Iona McKinlay in
1916. Bess was born in 1892 and died in 1998 at age 106. They
had two children: Donald Mckindlay and Janet Mckindley.

3-Eva Louise Ogilvie was born on 21 Nov 1893 in
Earlville, Iowa and died on 25 Nov 1971 in Leesburgh, Fla at
age 78.

Eva married Rev. Harry Oswald Bush . Harry
was born in 1889 and died in 1949 at age 60. They had two
children:  Gloria Jane, Harry David.

3-Grace Ogilvie [1602] was born on 27 Aug 1895 in Earlville,
Iowa and died on 15 Dec 1981 in Dallas, Texas at age 86.

Grace married Warde Quay Butler Sr. , son
of Levi Butler and Ella Hyde , on 29 Oct 1917
in Muskingum, Co. Ohio. Warde was born on 14 Sep 1895 in Dresden,
Muskingum Co., Ohio(15) and died on 16 Dec 1952 in
Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio at age 57. They had three
children: Barbara Ellen, Warde Quay, and Marilyn Ruth.

Grace next married George Davis (20) [ in
Jan 1954.(21) George died before 15 Dec 1981.

3-Marjorie Leona Ogilvie was born on 26 Nov 1897 in
Oakland, Iowa and died on 23 Nov 1981 in Holy Cross
Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, Franklin Co., Florida at age 83.
Another name for Marjorie was Kaye.

Marjorie married Paul Frazier, son of
Cornelus Frazier  and Ella A. , on 10 Jul 1918
in Dresden, Muskingum Co., Ohio. The marriage ended in
divorce 1934, Miami, Dada, Florida. Paul was born on 23 Aug
1897 in Dresden, Ohio and died in VA Hosp, mid-west. They had
two children: David Ogilvie and Norman Rockwell.

3-Florence Ellen Ogilvie was born on 21 Mar 1903 in
Clarence, Iowa and died in 1992 in OH at age 89.

Florence married Samuel Crowe Fraizer ,
son of James W. Frazier  and Nannie Crowell.
Samuel was born on 2 Mar 1896 in Frazeysburg, Muskingum, Ohio.

Florence next married Thomas Myrl Little ,
son of William P. Little and Lucy May Parks,
about 1925.(22) Thomas was born on 3 Jan 1899 in Washington (I was born on his 59th birthday “Unk” was my birthday buddie !)Twp., Coshocton, Ohio and died in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale Fla.
at age 80.

3-Adela Ruth Ogilvie was born on 6 Sept 1905 in Clarance
Iowa,(6) died on 3 Apr 1985 in North Fort Myers Lee County
Fla at age 79, and was buried on 27 Apr 1985 in Private

Adela married Willard Warren McCartney(25), son of Arthur Cellus McCartney and Christina S. Cutter, on 2 Nov 1935 in Newark  Licking Co., OH  By
Rev. David M. Ogilvie Assisted By Rev. Mark Maharg. Willard
was born on 27 Nov 1910 in Barberton, Summit Co., OH, died on
3 Aug 1996 in Kirtland Lake Co Ohio at age 85, and was buried
on 6 Aug 1996 in Internment Old South Cemetary Kirtland OH.
They had two children: James Ross (My father) and Thomas Craig.

2-Jane Ann Ogilvie [2207] was born on 9 Mar 1863 in Auchengraven,  Perthsire, Scotland(21) and died in 1951 in Atlanta GA Another Notation Says July 4 1950 at age 88.
Look at the most recent posts that I have made

Jane married William Tyler Mosher, son of Geo. W. Mosher and Eunice Mason, on 14 Apr 1886 in Cresent City  FL. William was born on 3 Mar 1861 in MI and died on 22 Jan 1938 in Sarasota FL at age 76. They three children: Getrude, Eunice Mary and Carriebell.

3-Getrude Mosher  was born in 1886.

Getrude married William ? Wing .  They had
three children: William, Stephen ?, and Grace ?.

3-Eunice Mary Mosher was born on 2 Oct 1889 in Marietta
GA and died on 23 Jun 1978 in Marietta GA at age 88.

Eunice married Richard Willy Starke 1913. Richard was born in 1887 and died in 1969 at age 82. They had two children: Helen Jane and Richard Willy.

3-Carriebell Mosher  was born on an unknown date.

Carriebell married William ? Farrells Sr. .

2-Jessie Ogilvie  was born on 3 Apr 1865 in Auchergraven,
Perthsire, Scotland(1) and died in Possibly as an infant

2-Mary Ogilvie (21)  was born on 6 Sep 1866 in Kilspindie,
Perthshire, Scotland,(1) died on 16 Nov 1897 in Sarnia Ont.
Canada(21) at age 31, and was buried in Lakeveiw Cemetery,
Sarnia, Ontario, CA .

Mary married William Morris Battle  (21), son
of Charles Battle and Mary Ann Read, about
1891. William was born in 1863 in England,(21) died on 23 Dec
1947 in Sarnia, Ontario CA at age 84, and was christened on 2 Feb
1864 in Hadleigh, Suffolk, England.(21) They had two children:
Lily and William Ernest.

3-Lily Battle.

3-William Ernest Battle(21)  was born in 1892 and died
in 1983 at age 91.

William married Mabel Loren Stubs . Mabel
was born in 1897 and died in 1960 at age 63. They had 15
children: Arthur Douglas, Clayton, Charles, Ralph E., Norman
Fredrick, James Stubs, John, Margaret, Una Mae, Carl, Beatrice
Elizabeth, Jean, Wally, Ruth, and Mary Lou.

2-Christina Ogilviewas born on 30 Nov 1868 in Dundee,
Aungus, Scotland and died in 1932(34) at age 64. Another name
for Christina was Tina. Never married very active in Salvation Army

2-Isabella Ogilvie was born on 25 Jun 1873 in Dundee,
Aungus, Scotland(21) and died in 1934(35) at age 61.  Also worked in the   Salvation Army, but had a family also.  Bayonne NJ area

Isabella married a McDonald .


I have left out the families of my Great Aunts and Uncles because many of them are still living. If you are interested in this family please let me know.

Happy Hunting!

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