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Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. From The National Standard Encyclopedia

Amanuensis Monday was started on the Transylvanian Dutch Blog. This link will take you to the page concerning Amanuensis and why one should transcribe the records !

Below find my first offering for Amanuensis Monday.

In looking for information on my Second Great Grandfather, Silas Jackson McCartney. I came across this article. My first thought after reading it was, my how journalism has changed in the last 100 years. Sometimes for the better, but sadly I think  more often then not, journalism has suffered greatly from the “politically” correct syndrome that we are now plagued with.

I doubt that this article would have been printed in this way now.

From The Mansfield News, Saturday, October 7, 1911

Old Courtship Was  Renewed
It Resulted in a Wedding of Big People in Wooster Thursday.

A couple whose combined weight approached, if it did not exceed, 450 pounds, became man and wife in Wooster Thursday forenoon the ceremony being performed by Dr. W. B. Slutz, superintendent of this district of the Methodist church.

The man was Silas J. McCartney, of Barberton, formerly of near Fredricksburg, and the bride was Mrs. Emma N. Berger, of Fredricksburg. The groom told the clerk in probate court that he was 49 years old while the lady gave her age as 44 years.

The wedding was the result of a courtship of long ago, the couple having been close friends in their youth.  A cog in the wheel of love slipped at that time and they went separated ways, the woman, Miss Emma Sterling then, marrying in her girlhood. Her husband died some years ago, her old friendship with McCartney was renewed and it resulted in a wedding Thursday.

The couple came to Wooster, in an automobile Thursday morning, and all unknown to them a big banner bearing the words. “Are We Big Enough to be Married.” floated in the breeze back on the machine all the way from Fredricksburg. When they stopped at the court house the banner was removed, but as the machine was cranked up preparatory to going to the home of the minister it was again placed on the machine. Mr. and Mrs. McCartney will live in Barberton — Wooster News
The Mansfield News, Saturday, October 7, 1911

In closing, I find the fact that Grandpa may have had issues with his weight is a medical plus for me as I struggle with the same issues in my life. This all may have been negated had it been written today as the “Are We Big Enough to be Married” without the explanation  could have well meant “old enough”.

Note: Emma was not my grandmother. Silas’ first wife Nancy “Nannie” Curl Terry was my grandmother.

Happy Hunting!

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