Henry and Susan Sophia Wade Bobo

Henry BOBO above and his wife, Susan Sophia WADE.There is much lore associated with Henry BOBO

     There is much lore associated with Henry BOBO and his wife, Susan Sophia WADE. The known facts are that Henry was born 26 Nov. 1821 in Athens County, OH, and drowned on 20 April 1887 in Vinton County, OH, which had been a part of Athens County.

Henry was a farmer, a woodsman who gathered herbs for medicines and, apparently a drinker hard liquor.

He had ridden his horse into the town of Zaleski and had imbibed at a tavern before starting home, as he tried to cross Raccoon Creek which was out of banks because of heavy rain, he fell from the horse and was drowned.

They dragged the creek for a few days before finding his body.
One of his granddaughters opinion was that he was so stubborn that he would have floated upstream, and that is where his body was found, lodged under a tree.

We know little about his wife, Susan Sophia WADE:
b. 10 July 1823; d. 13 Jan. 1889; m. 9 Aug. 1843.

We know that she raised a family and was a school teacher, but we have not been able to discover any additional information on her.
We know more about Henry, who was a son of Israel BOBO, who migrated from Virginia to Ohio in the late 1700s or 1800.

Israel was a farmer and hunter. According to the records of the Hocking Valley, Israel and a fellow hunter killed 62 bears one year, cured the hides and took them to a trading post on the Ohio River. The traded the skins for a barrel of whiskey and dragged it behind a horse back to McArthur, Ohio, were it was said to be the first “imported” whiskey brought into town. One of Israel’s children said, “He would have never made it back with a full barrel.”

The BOBO family (BAUBEAU, BEAUBEAU and various spellings) were Huguenots who escaped from France, probably to England and the original immigrant ancestor, Gabriel BAUBEAU, came to Virginia in 1700.

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