Texas Ann Spann and George Washington Stacey

Texas Ann (Spann) and George Washington Stacey

Descendant, Jimmy Spann writes:
These folks are my Great Grandparents, also my Grandmother.
Folks in the picture are George Washington Stacey,
Texas Ann Spann (sitting) Young girl behind man
is Mamie Dallas Stacey, girl behind lady is Ludie Lee Stacey
(my grandmother) and the boy in the
lady’s lap is William McKinnely Stacey.”

1.  GEORGE WASHINGTON STACEY  was born 1854 in Jackson County,TN, and died 1936 in Dickson County,  TN. He married (1) ELIZABETH CHAFFIN March 22, 1875.   He married (2) TEXAS ANN SPANN February 06, 1884  in Dickson County,  TN, daughter of ANDREW SPANN and PATIENCE JONES. She was born 1872 in Dickson County,  TN, and died 1923 in Dickson County,  TN.

More About GEORGE WASHINGTON STACEY: Burial: Jim Sensing Cemetery, Dickson County, TN
More  About TEXAS ANN SPANN: Burial: Jim Sensing Cemetery Dickson County,  TN

 2.  LUDIE LEE STACEY  was born September 11, 1894 in Dickson County,  TN, and died September 10, 1934  in Dickson County,  TN.  She married WILLIAM ARMSTRONG (COOP) SPANN 1911 in Dickson County,  TN, son of WILLIAM SPANN and LIDDIA GAFFORD.   He was born June 16, 1894 in Dickson County,  TN,  and died June 18, 1976 in Dickson County,  TN

More About LUDIE LEE STACEY: Burial: Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Dickson County,  TN
More About WILLIAM ARMSTRONG (COOP) SPANN: Burial: Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Dickson County,  TN

3.  ROBERT LEON (LEAKY) SPANN  was born June 15, 1919 in Dickson County,  TN and died July 22, 2001.  He married (1) MABLE EDNA SPANN 1939 in Dickson County,  TN,  daughter of JAMES SPANN and INEZ WALTON.  She was born November 22, 1921 in Dickson County,  TN, and died November 11, 1991 in Dickson County,  TN.  He married (2) THELMA REBECCA WOODS 1960 in Davidson Co, TN. 

More About ROBERT LEON (LEAKY) SPANN: Burial: Jackson Chapel Cemetery,  Dickson County,  TN
More About MABLE EDNA SPANN: Burial: Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Dickson County,  TN

4. This would be me  JAMES WILLIAM (Jimmy) SPANN


 © James William Spann

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  1. Jim R. Scott

    I read with interest your piece on George W. Stacy and his marriage to Texas Ann Spann and Elizabeth Chaffin. There is a George Stacy who is my Grandfather as well who was born in Gainsboro, Jackson County, Tennessee. He was married to Mariah Jane Johnson on October 29, 1879 in Jackson County, Tennessee. George was part Cherokee Indian and I have reason to believe that is the same George Stacy. I believe he was employed as glass blower in or around Dickson County Tennessee in later life. My father only saw him once. He abandoned my Great Grandmother when my Grandmother was born. Any input would be appreciated.

    • Good Evening Jim!

      This is not my family but the family of James William Spann. I have forwarded this message to him. You can also find his email at the bottom of the family page.


  2. James (Jimmy) Spann

    Hi’ya Julie,

    This could very well possible the same man Mr Scott mentions…..
    I have hardly anything on him before he came to Dickson Co. TN.
    From what Info I have gathered on him over the years, he was quite the “wierd”. Don’t know of anything bad that he ever did but certainly some strange ones. One story is that he bought a house for his family, didn’t like the direction it pointed to he tore it down and rebuilt it facing a different direction.
    I have a group photo “somewhere” of the family and George is standing in a barrell.
    Not that it is strange but I have a photo of George and Texas’s headstone in a local cemetary

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