I have a place in my soul that needs to be filled.
A place that longs for something of which I am unsure.
Shall I fill it with parties and fun?
Drugs and strong drink?
Oh wait those I have tried, they are great in the moment,
but they only leave me with loneliness and pain.

Should I fill it with good works.
Doing deeds of all kinds to help others.
Wait this is great but I still feel empty..
what does it take to fill this hole in my soul?

The puzzle piece is of an odd shape.
It takes the form of a cross.
I wear one daily. Isn’t it pretty!
Wait the hole is still there!
I need to fill this void without delay.

Friend I tell you today
The only way to fill the void
Is to form a relationship with the Lord.
Jesus is the natural and perfect fit for the hole.
He is the perfect shape and size.

His love will fill the dark and lonely places.
Reach out to Him accept his gift,
Believe He is indeed the Son of God.
The one how saves by His grace.
Ask for forgiveness
There will be no more empty place.
For You are now whole.
~Julia K. Hogston 2011

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