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Who am I

Me about 1962

Julie’s From Where?

I am from the sunny hill country, from peaches, apples and Longaberger Baskets.

I am from an adobe home in the shinning sun, from a bungalow shaded under a maple tree on a quiet little street in an awakening town.
I am from the land of the Maple, Pine and the mighty Oak. Graced for a time with the mighty Saguaro, the state flower I dwelt under as a very young child.

I am from Terrill, McCartney, Upson, Ogilvie and many more. From hard workers, make doers, from preachers and teacher all who had joy and sorrow and lives like us all.

I am from the farmer that plowed the fields or gathered fruit and the minister who tended to a different kind of fruit and tended a loving flock.

I am from a family that thought of others and believed in the golden rule. We were told to do our best and to be happy in our circumstances. If we had a chance to improve then we should. To understand that it not the money one makes, but what of value you’re living¬† left behind that was of importance.

I am from the Puritan and Presbyterian all seeking to praise their Lord in freedom. I now enjoy that freedom as a Baptist.

I’m from the Firelands stretching all the way back to the landing place of my ancestors at the City on The Hill.¬† Benton, Rowley, New Haven, Ashtabula, Yorkshire, Perthshire and Aberdeenshire are all places that were called home. I am from corn beef and cabbage to Waldorf salad.

From the veterinarians turned doctors, the soldiers and the chemists and all the ladies that stood beside them.

I am from lake sides, riversides and mountains grand, a back yard safe and secure to the tram climbing some majestic mountain side. From an orchard that surrounds a cozy cape cod, to a loving home by the side of the road.
I am from all these and more. I hale from ancient blood and foreign lands. I am the culmination of all these.

The above poem was written by suggestion of Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings for one of his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun projects. I thought it would fit very nicely here.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Write a Poem on “Where I’m From”
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