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Wordless Wednesday-Has it been 24 years!

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Friday Family History/Happy Birthday William Cabell 9? March 1699

William Cabell was born in Warminister England in March of 1699 to Nicholas and Rachel Hopper Cabell. William was a prominent man in the colony of Virginia to say the very least. William was surveyor, magistrate, farmer, trader, vestryman, churchwarden, and pioneer. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday/Four Generation Photo

Back Row: Trish McCartney, Julie McCartney Hogston Middle: Janice Hogston, Adah Terrill Wakelee, Dency Terril, Jessica Hogston Elmore Front: Misteana and Alyza 😀

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Friday Family History on Sept 30/William and Anna Hogston Lewis married 172 yrs ago today

Anna Hogston is my Husband’s 3 great grand-aunt. Anna Hogston, married William Lewis on 30 Sept 1839 in Washington City, Smyth Co., Va. Anna is the daughter of John and Prudence Hogston of Smyth Co. Va. Her brother John and … Continue reading

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