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Let me introduce myself.
My name is Julia (nee)McCartney Hogston, I prefer Julie ;-).  I am an amateur Genealogist. There are many family historians in my family.  I think the addiction came to me through DNA ! and not from a Geneabug bite!

For the last 16 yrs I have worked on my Husbands genealogy and when I hit  brick walls in that direction I picked up my paternal lines.
I chose my paternal lines because my mother is working her genealogy. History has always been a favorite subject of mine and adding my family into the historical time lines makes it very personal.

Some of the greatest times I have had doing my research was spending time at the Golden Gates Genealogy Forum on AOL and then for awhile after that in the Genealogy Forum on parenting at AOL.  I was a host for about 10 years at the Forum aka GFSLadyJay and seen in my play name very often as The6jays. Many many friends and extended family members were found there.

I do have a website, but because of life and webmastering (which I did for a few years after leaving the AOL forums for my site is badly need of repair. Hopefully I will get it back in shape soon!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, four beautiful children and a two lovely granddaughters, who are growing up much too fast!

I will have to say though above all of this my greatest devotion is to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope you will join me in my venture into blogging and that you and I will gain more knowledge from this venture.

Happy Hunting