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Dishes and Sea Shells

My mother sent me a very interesting article from the “Vermont Old Cemetery Association Newsletter”. The subject of the piece was how one women’s family would gather on the third Monday in August to clean up the local grave yards. … Continue reading

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I dedicated this to a man who, I never had the pleasure to have known. Though the blood of his ancestors mingles with my own. A man just reaching his prime A man who left this world Long before his time. … Continue reading

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Whispers In The Wind

Whispers In The Wind   The day is warm, the sun shining, a soft breeze is blowing, the fall colors are in their glory. Yet on this Georgian hillside, a heaviness is in the air, and an unseen stirring leaves … Continue reading

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Chili’s for a cure

There have been some trials in our lives in that last year. Two of my nephew are suffering from the ravages of cancer. One nephew has completed his chemo treatments for now, the markers where good at his last appointment. … Continue reading

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I sit here wondering what your life must have been like? As I try to piece it together with fragments that I have found. Did you find life hard, did you find life a pleasure? Were your children a blessing … Continue reading

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