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Amanuensis Monday-History of Dresden Presbyterian Church 1819-1919/Part 1/

Amanuensis Monday – An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.  The following History will be presented in 6 parts each one being posted on Monday.  This is a … Continue reading

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I Had A Dream

Very rarely do I have a dream that will wake me and that I will remember every detail. This morning such a dream occurred. I will not go into every detail, because as in all dreams there is great feats … Continue reading

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It Only Comes Around Every Four Years / Leap Day in Your Family Tree

Tomorrow is leap day! What is leap year? It takes about  365 days 6 hours for the earth to rotate around the sun. To make up for the extra 6 hours each year, one day every four years is added … Continue reading

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Is The Writing On The Wall?

Can you read this? or this? I will bet you’re thinking OH NO! her she goes  with the “thank a teacher” spiel.  I can truly thank a teacher. Will my grand-children be able to thank a teacher? To my surprise, I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

There  has been much conversation about when and why our ancestors came to this county. Some insist that many of  them came for the land for the possible wealth of this country.  This may very well be correct. As we … Continue reading

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