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Religion or Relationship what is in your heart?

I found this posted on Facebook the other day and I found it interesting how this man feels about religion.I agree with him that religion will not bring peace. Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the … Continue reading

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Climb Every Mountain-A View from another Window

        Coming from lands far away a young traveler has embarked on a dream of a life time. Study in a foreign land in the beautiful mountains of Austria and the history filled city of Salzburg! Follow … Continue reading

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I Had A Dream

Very rarely do I have a dream that will wake me and that I will remember every detail. This morning such a dream occurred. I will not go into every detail, because as in all dreams there is great feats … Continue reading

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It Only Comes Around Every Four Years / Leap Day in Your Family Tree

Tomorrow is leap day! What is leap year? It takes about  365 days 6 hours for the earth to rotate around the sun. To make up for the extra 6 hours each year, one day every four years is added … Continue reading

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Is The Writing On The Wall?

Can you read this? or this? I will bet you’re thinking OH NO! her she goes  with the “thank a teacher” spiel.  I can truly thank a teacher. Will my grand-children be able to thank a teacher? To my surprise, I … Continue reading

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