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Thankful Thursday/Thanksgiving 2012

The faces of those gone on before are but shadows on a piece of paper. In my veines their stories are still told. For those long ago names and dates are now part of me.

I am thankful for each ancestor, their trials, their joys, those that  lived life the only way they knew how. Those that sought to improve their plight, even though they sought for freedom for “their” religion, they opened a door in  this new country that would over time come to understand that we are all created equal and all have a right to practice religion as we as individuals  see fit to do so.

This country as she stands today is also something that I am so grateful for. Oh I understand we are in a nasty mess, one that we may never climb out of. That there is hope that this land will regain her footing is another thing that I am thankful for, a hope that is born of the human spirit and a God that has I believe placed this country here for this time and place. What the outcome is, is not mine to see. Saying that this does not remove me from the responsibility of  those privileges given to me as a citizen of this great country.  For those privileges I am thankful.

Never last but first I am thankful to the one that orchestrates it all. I am thankful to God for His love, mercy, and longsuffering.  How he has guided me these last 54 years, never ceases to amaze me! His Son Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift and I am truly thankful that  he loved me enough to give his life for me for my sins. A debt I can never repay, but only with my heart.

My family and friend are a blessing each and everyone each bringing a special aspect to my life. Children bring joy, grandchildren even greater joy ( like the old saying, if I knew grandkids were so much fun I would have had them first )  parents bring love and stability, friends sharing and caring sometimes the only one besides God that you are comfortable sharing your uttermost depths with. For a loving husband who puts up with my shinaigains and still loves me, sometimes leaving me to wonder why!

As my daughter so nicely said in a post on facebook, she is thankful for all her challenges, for they have made her who she is. I agree with her completely all of her challenge……oh wai tI  mean all <GRIN> of my challenges good and bad have made me who I am, for which I am thankful, the make me, the only me there is !

May each of you be truly blessed this day~ God Bless and keep each one.