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Talented Tuesday

Girl of 12 Wins Washington Trip

Adela Ruth Ogilvie

News clipping 1917  paper unknown( my guess is one of the Muskingum Co.,  Ohio papers)

Ruth Oglivie of Dresden Proves Remarkable Expert in Canning Fruits and Vegetables

Dresden’s youngest disciple of Herbert Hoover is canning food for the home, Ruth Ogilvie, aged 12, is to be  probably the youngest tourist on the Home-maker special train, taking Ohio girls on a trip to the nation’s capital from a class of eight in the Dresden Home making club, Ruth will join the train at Trinway Monday morning.

The trip to Washington was won solely by her own work. The exhibition was held at the Dresden school last Friday and the selection of the best display of canned goods, made by an expert from the Ohio State university, Fruit, jelly , vegetables and preserves were exhibited by the young winner.

“I think this is just wonderful,” said Ruth when speaking of her coming trip to Washington.  She was very modest in telling of her culinary ability saying only that she canned the fruit and vegetables only two weeks ago. She used only the purest ingredients without artificial preservative of any kind.  Among a field of girls, all brought up as expert cooks , she captured the prize.

I don’t think anyone that ever ate at Nana’s table was ever greatly disappointed. My favorite to this day was her apple sauce, made either fresh that day, Grandpa and Nana had a fruit orchard, or canned the previous fall. Somewhere in my files, I do have photos of Washington, taken about that time period. They may well have been taken by Ruth at that time.

Ruth was talented in many other ways, but I think I will leave those talents for another posting.

Happy Hunting!