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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Ancestor Name Roulette

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Ancestor Name Roulette

Hosted by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1) What year was one of your great-grandfathers born?  Divide this number by 50 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your “roulette number.”

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an “ahnentafel”). Who is that person, and what are his/her vital information?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the “roulette number.”

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook status or a Google Stream post, or as a comment on Genea-Musing blog post.

5) If you do not have a person’s name for your “roulette number” then spin the wheel again – pick a great-grandmother, a grandparent, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, yourself, or even your children!

Here is mine

I chose my great grandfather Arthur C. McCartney (1889-1971), divide 1889 by 50 and you get 37.78 rounded to 38 and that brings us to

2)  My third great grandfather Charles B. Starrett (Sterrett) vital information that I have on Charles B. Starrett are from the 1880 and  1850 United States Census for Ohio. His birth year is given as 1820 and the birth state is Maryland. His spouse is Sarah Sterling Starrett. He and Sarah where residing in Franklin, Wayne Co. Ohio in 1880. The census also gives Ireland as his fathers birthplace and his mothers birthplace as Pennsylvania as well as Sarah’s birthplace. Charles surname is spelled Sterrette on his daughter Sarah Jane Starrett Cutter death certificate.

3) Three facts about Charles B. Starrett (Sterrett) are:

a. Charles and Sarah Starrett had at least two children:
Sarah Jane Starrett b. 6 Jun 1863 Wayne Co. OH d. 4 Jan 1924 she married Harry M. Cutter on 25 Oct 1883 Wayne Co., OH. (my second great grandparents)
John Beatty Sterret  b. 26 Apr 1858 Ohio d. 3 Nov 1933 Shreve, Wayne, Ohio he married Margaret Carson.

b. Charles’ fathers name was David. Mothers name Jane (1850 Census)

c.  He had possibly two sisters Ann and Elizabeth. (1850 census)

Happy Hunting!

Surname Saturday and the 1940 Census meet!

As many of you know I have been part of the large team that is busy indexing the 1940 Census. I indexed  a few pages in the Oregon census. There I ran across who I thought might be a cousin, but I had no information on this man and so I moved on.

In the past week or so a cousin of mine was working on part of the KAYE family that went from Ontario Canada to Wisconsin moving further west to Washington State then some of the descendants of Abel were found in, you guessed it, Oregon. Trying to pin down where Claude and John C. Kaye are located  in Oregon. Dave sent me some information that put one man in Clackamas Oregon and one in Milwaukie Oregon. I didn’t have a clue if these were counties or cities so I did a search at Family Search and I found Claude in Clackamas Co. on you guessed it the page that I had indexed earlier. The enumeration district was only a voting precinct so I still didn’t know what town. Using the road that he is listed on and doing a search on that road alone, I found a road that runs out of  Oregon City by the name of S. Redland Road. A dear friend of mine that lives in that area of Oregon said that was a major road in that area and that I was closing in on Claude.

I need to do so more digging and I am hoping I will find Claude’s final resting place and that of John’s as well.

Had I not been helping with the census, maybe that little piece might still be undone. There are thousands typing there little fingers off at The 1940 Census Community Project. What a feeling of accomplishment to bring up a page you know you transcribed.

Please remember this below outline, is work in progress and has not all been proven. Please take it  as a guide line and not the gospel truth.

This is a short outline of the Abel Kaye family:

Descendants of Abel Kaye

1-Abel Kaye b. 25 Aug 1838, Yorkshire, England, d. 16 Nov 1916, Ridgefield,
Washington, USA. (Clark Co)
+Eliza Wilson m. Bef 1874( I have more on this marriage, but it has not been put into my gen program yet.)
+Mary A. Kent b. Oct 1852, Wisconsin, m. 29 Mar 1874, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 3
Aug 1932, Chehalis, Lewis, Washington
2-Sidney Kaye b. 17 Sep 1883, Dunn Co. Wisconsin, d. 7 Jul 1948, Marion,
+Lula Louise Mattatall b. 20 Dec 1892, McPherson, South Dakota, m. 26 Jan
3-Keith Kaye b. 19 Jul 1920, Ridgefield, Washington, USA. (Clark Co)
2-/Child Kaye/ b. Cir 1875, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. Bef 1900
2-Lillie Alice Kaye b. 29 Mar 1877, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. Feb 1970,
Molalla, Clackamas, Oregon
+Thomas Elmer Stratton b. 7 Sep 1873, Menominee, Dunn, Wisconsin, m. 24
Sep 1895, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 16 May 1929, Enterprise,, Okanogan,
3-Albert James Stratton b. 22 Feb 1896, Menominee, Dunn, Wisconsin, d.
29 Sep 1963, Vallejo, Solano, California
3-Ralph Kaye Stratton b. 9 Jul 1898, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 1 Sep 1961,
Clatsop, Oregon
2-Claude Kaye b. 7 Jun 1880, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 23 Oct 1945,
Clackamas, Oregon
+Frances Yost b. 16 Apr 1884, Pennsylvania, m. 22 Aug 1907, Farmington,
Davis, Utah
+Anna H. Bridwell b. Aug 1877, Ohio, m. 19 Feb 1924, Multnomah, Oregon,
d. 16 Apr 1943, Multnomah, Oregon
+Jennie E. Cook b. 25 May 1880, Lyons, Ionia, Michigan, m. 10 Jul 1931,
Oregon, d. 17 Jun 1950, Orange, California, par. Seth B. /Cook/ and Annie
Elizabeth Bastione
2-Estella Kaye b. 23 Sep 1886, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 21 Aug 1934,
La Center, Clark, Washington
+Emil Johnson b. 6 Apr 1882, Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, m. Cir 1905,
Washington, d. 8 Apr 1952, La Center, Clark, Washington
2-Harriet Irene Kaye b. Oct 1891, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 21 Sep
1944, Vancouver, Washington
+Winfred F. Babler b. 19 Sep 1879, Monroe, Green, Wisconsin, m. 26 Feb
1916, Multnomah, Oregon, d. 9 Dec 1956, Brush Prairie, Clark, Washington

Looking at the dates and places, I am wondering if the family just might have traveled the Oregon Trail or at least part of it on their way to Washington. Hummmmmm something more to look into!

Happy Hunting!



Surname Saturday/A Wee bit o’ Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Long ago and far away. Lived a young man named Michael and himself  born in Northern Ireland about 1710.

When himself ventured to this country fair and left the Isle of Green it is not sure, but we find Michael and his clan in Allentown (Craig’s Settlement) PA as early as 1747. On Find A Grave we find himself buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery Northampton, Northampton County Pennsylvania, USA. Michael and Bridget are both buried in that cemetery.

Himself is found in THE HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, CHAPTER XXXVII, SMITHFIELD; Allen; MOUNT BETHEL; MOORE; EASTON; 1746 TO 1750from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time by W. W. H. Davis, A.M., 1876 and 1905* editions

The Scotch-Irish settlers in Allen moved in favor of forming the  township in 1746. Jonathan [John*] McCartney, Michael Clide and many others including the Craig’s are listed as signers to prove this settlement. John and Michael  I believe are two of my grandfathers.  I am descended from Michael twice.  Himself and Bridget are my 6th great grandparents. My fourth grandparents are if everything is correct,  first cousins.

Descendants of Michael /Clyde/
1-Michael /Clyde/ b. Abt 1710, Northern Ireland?, d. 7 May 1794, bur. Allen
Township Northampton Co. PA
+Bridget // b. Norhern Ireland?, d. 15 Dec 1786, Allen Township Northampton
Co. PA, par. Unknown and Unknown
2-Margaret /Clyde/
+John /McCartney/ b. Bef 1750, Scotland, d. After 1780, Columbia Co. PA,
par. Unknown and Unknown
3-Isaiah /McCartney/ b. 17 Nov 1776, d. 27 Feb 1847, Salt
Creek Township, Wayne Co., OH, bur. Fredericksburg West Side Cemetery
2-Eliza Clyde //
+James /Hudders/ par. James /Hudders/ and Margaret //
3-Lettice /Hudders/ b. 15 May 1786, Pennsylvania, d. 1 Mar 1864, Salt
Creek Township, Wayne Co., OH, bur. Fredericksburg West Side Cemetery

So my bit of Irish is doubled 😀  I will wear my colors proudly today!

and just a wee bit of Irish to share……..

From Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Christ be with me
Christ before me
Christ behind me
Christ in me
Christ beneath me
Christ above me
Christ on my right
Christ on my left
Christ where I lie
Christ where I sit
Christ where I arise
Christ in the heart of every man
who thinks of me
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me
Christ in every eye that sees me
Christ in every ear that hears me
Salvation is of the Lord

Happy Hunting!

Surname Saturday-Smith 1829 Aberdeenshire Scotland

Eeee gads SMITH!  Yah  I am  going to venture into one of my Smith families.

This is the family that I mentioned earlier in Treasures In Letters.

Ellen Smith wife of Byron Kaye is my problem child. There are a few birth dates that have surfaced for Ellen, as it stands now we believe she was born in 1829 and was older than Byron and this might be why the contradiction in dates.

As the family story goes she lost both of her parents to small pox in 1833.  We’ve not found these records yet.  This is one of the reasons that I tried to follow Captain David Smith back to his parents, Ellen wrote in her letter,  she lived with his family after her parents died. I have found this family , but have not as of yet found Ellen living with them. I know there are many reasons why she is not found, 10 yrs between census can leave a lot of room for moving around, she may not have stayed with her cousin David all the time but maybe spent time with other families as well. She could be listed under a different name such as Helen. We add that she is a Smith from Scotland and that Smith is about as common as it is here…sigh!

This is what we do have on Ellen and her family:

1.  Byron Kaye, son of James Kaye and Hannah Halroyd,
was born on 23 Apr 1836 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England, was
christened on 24 Nov 1836 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England, and died on
6 Mar 1865 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada at age 28. The cause of his
death was Boiler Accident.

Byron married Ellen Smith, daughter of David Smith, about 1857. Ellen was born on 4     May 1829 in Kintor, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died on 1 May 1917 in Chicago, Cook Co., Ill. at age 87, and she was buried on 4 May 1917 in Rose Hill cemetery Chicago, Cook Co., Ill.

Children from this marriage were:

2 F     i. Margaret Fischer Kaye was born on 13 Jan 1858 in
Waterloo, Ontario, CA.
3 M    ii. David Smith Kaye was born about 1859 in Canada, died
on 17 Aug 1946 in El Paso , Texas about age 87, and was
buried on 19 Aug 1946 in  Evergreen Cemetery.
4 M   iii. Byron Kaye was born in 1860 and died on 8 Sept 1883 in
Chicago Ill. at age 23.
5 M    iv. Rev. Alexander Smith Kaye  was born on 1 Dec 1861 in Geulph,
Ontario, Canada and died on 13 Sept 1952 in Florence, Alabama
at age 90.
6 F     v. Barbara Jane Kaye  was born on 31 Mar 1863 in Woodstock On
Canada, died on 9 May 1941 in Zanesville, Muskinghum,
Co., Ohio at age 78, and Barbara is buried in Dresden ,
Muskingum Co. Ohio.
7 F    vi. Anna Gordon Kaye  was born on 3 May 1865 in Woodstock,
Ontario, CA, died on 19 Dec 1949 in Los Angles, CA at age
84, and is buried  in Forest Lawn cemetery   Los Angles,
8 M   vii. Rev. James Ross Kaye  was born on 3 May 1865 in Woodstock,
Ontario, CA, died on 12 Oct 1940 in Chicago, Ill at age
75, and is buried in Forest Home Cemetery Oak Park Ill.

Happy Hunting!

Surname Saturday-McCartney

So many people have brick walls in their genealogy. I have some of those as well, but my McCartney is more like a fence with a good sized knot hole in it.  I can see the possible family on the other side, but I can’t get them connected.

John McCartney, by a few family histories is my fifth great grandfather. Oscar Burton Robbins in his Jackson Family history, states that John was the father of Isaiah McCartney and that he was the husband of Margret Clyde who was the daughter of Michael and Bridget Clyde. I also have a copy of an application for John through DAR done by a 2 nd great Aunt and submitted in 1908, which also states the above, but with little other information.

I have information that puts John and Isaiah in the same areas of Pennsylvania. I find information, putting  John McCartney in Leigh, in a list of names with Michael Clyde as  petitioners who were ordered to produce a draft for the proposed township (Allen) at the next court.

On the 1810 census I find Isaiah and part of his family in or near Derry Pa. Then again later in Ohio where they moved to. There is also an news article that Isaiah posted looking for his father in law James Hudders.

In short I can put Isaiah and his family together and I can with some certainty put John with his wife and in-laws, but to prove that Isaiah was the son of John, I have not been able to do thus far. I will keep plugging along and hopefully I am climbing the correct tree.

1.  John McCartney was born before 1750 in Scotland and died after 1780
in Columbia Co. PA. John married Margaret Clyde, daughter of Michael Clyde and Bridget.
Children from this marriage were:

+ 2 M     i. Isaiah McCartney  was born on 17 Nov 1776 in Scotland?,
died on 27 Feb 1847 in Salt Creek Township, Wayne Co., OH
at age 70, and was buried in Fredericksburg West Side
3 F    ii. Jennet McCartney was born in PA.

Second Generation (Children)

2.  Isaiah McCartney  was born on 17 Nov 1776 in Scotland?, died on 27 Feb
1847 in Salt Creek Township, Wayne Co., OH at age 70, and was buried
in Fredericksburg West Cemetery.

Isaiah married Lettice Hudders, daughter of James
Hudders and Eliza Clyde, about 1800 in Columbia County,
PA By Rev. J.B. Patterson. Lettice was born on 15 May 1786 in
Pennsylvania, died on 1 Mar 1864 in Salt Creek Township, Wayne Co., OH
at age 77, and was buried in Fredericksburg West Side Cemetery.
Children from this marriage were:

4 M     i. William D. McCartney  was born on 20 Jan 1805.
5 F    ii. Eliza Clyde McCartney  was born on 2 Sep 1807.
6 M   iii. John Miller McCartney  was born on 6 Dec 1809.
7 F    iv. Margaret Hudders McCartney  was born on 8 Jan 1812.
8 M     v. James McCartney was born on 26 Feb 1814.
+ 9 M    vi. Samuel Craig McCartney was born on 29 Jun 1816 in Knox
Co OH and died in 1863 in Fredricksburgh OH at age 47.
10 F   vii. Mary A. McCartney  was born on 9 Mar 1819 in Ohio.
+ 11 M  viii. Robert McCartney  was born on 17 Aug 1821 in PA.
12 M    ix. Isaiah Peterson McCartney  was born on 6 Mar 1824.
13 F     x. Lettice McCartney [2088] was born on 30 Dec 1826 in Ohio.
14 M    xi. Enos McCartney [2089] was born on 14 Oct 1829.
15 M   xii. Cornelius McCartney [2090] was born on 4 Jul 1833 in Ohio.

Happy Hunting!