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Wordless Wednesday (Not So)

I have had the pleasure and joy to bring some old negatives back to life. They were photos of my Great Grandparents and their children and grandchildren at that time. I came across a picture that through me for a … Continue reading

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Family Friday History/ Happy Birthday Mom! Dency Terrill

This is late, the wishes are still the same! Happy Birthday Mom hope you had a wonderful day! I am not going to add dates or places as Mom is still with us!               … Continue reading

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Wordless-Wednesday James and Thomas McCartney c. 1940


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Lacking Locks for Love

   It once again is breast cancer awareness month. Which tends to remind me of a trip I took with my daughter and her friend to our local Fantastic Sams  so that we could donate our hair to Locks of … Continue reading

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Question on Preserving the small 4×4 photo albums

While I sit here working on scanning photo’s (the correct way mind you!)  I have come across a dilemma and I am sure I am not the first one to have this issue. I have several, at least a dozen, … Continue reading

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