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Favorite Photo/ 52 Ancestors

Family Photo about 1850

This is one of my favorite photos, the picture tells me much, I just wish it told me who they are!

I believe the photo to have been taken in Scotland about 1850 dating the clothes and hair styles and the photographers information on the folder.

The photo reminds me of Sunday morning when trying to get little people ready for church. The little ones are dressed and looking cute as buttons. Whereas Dad is looking a bit ascue! Tie is not quite right and his collar is not right, can’t tell for sure if it should be up or down ! I can see two little ones scampering all over his lap before they were made to sit still for the photo, which in this time period is a bit of sitting still.

The on last question I have, is where is Mom? I am not sure if this is a common setting for a photo or not for that time period. As genealogy goes always questions!

Happy Hunting


Advent Calendar-December 4, 2012

Ackkkkkkkkk it’s December 4th and I have not started my cards yet! ¬†Seems I am getting slower at getting them done every year!

I really don’t know how far back sharing of Christmas Cards goes in our family, but I do know that my parents and grandparents sent out Christmas Cards. I think the ones I like the best are those that contain photos of our friends and family. Even if it just the kids ūüėÄ




The Butler Boy’s okay so it is only two of them ūüėÄ

Warde Jr. would be the young man and I believe the little man would be Pete.

My guess the photo was taken in about 1957 as Bill would have been little.
(feel free to correct me ūüėÄ )
Warde Jr. is my Nana’s nephew.

This is the Bouman Family

They are as follows

Becky, Freddie, Bobbie  front
Bob and Gloria back.
Gloria is a niece of Nana’s as well.

There is a note on the back of this card.

We were glad to get your note and the account of the wedding. I didn’t know you had any cousins in England.
This is a very busy time for us, but then I guess there isn’t any time that is slow. I’ve been out every night the last two weeks.

We received some slides from Marge and finally got to see what Philip looks like, although the last ones were taken in April.

It’s been unusually cold here but more like Christmas weather.

Merry Christmas to you both

Love, Gloria

Last but not least are three of the William’s Girls

Susan, Debbie and Karen
daughters of Bob and Jane Williams

Jane is my grandfathers niece.

I was very happy to find these among photographs in my grandmothers belongings.  Puts some faces to names, and some cute little faces to grown up faces that I know.

I still get photos of families and I love getting them. Folks didn’t get family photos from us, but I did when the kids were in school send family members their school photos. I believe the school photos were appreciated, for they¬†have been found in more the one family photo book! ¬†Smile! ūüėÄ



Happy Hunting!



Advent Calendar-December 3, 2012

Last year I wrote about ornaments “Made by Little Hands with Love !”.
This year I have a special ornament that hasn’t really ever graced one of our Christmas trees.
You see it is a tree in itself.
In 2006 my oldest daughter presented this ornament to me.





You are saying, I thought you said this was a tree.  It is if we flip the ornament around to see the other side this is what you will see.





Yes it is our family tree and it has never been in a tree. It actually sits on a shelf ¬†in our tv cabinet year round.¬†If you have a genealogist or family historian in your family. This would make a wonderful gift to them. I am guessing every Mom would like this one, even if she hasn’t been bitten by the genealogy bug ūüėÄ
I know I cherish it!



Happy Hunting!

Advent Calendar-December 3 -Made by Little Hands with Love !

This year the folks at have decided to host another Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories prompt. There is a prompt for each day between Dec 1 and Dec 25. You can find details at Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM). Pick up your pen and join the fun!

 Made by Little Hands with Love !


I have many ornaments on my tree, gold, silver, red, and green. Ornaments made of wood, plastic, glass, and pottery. The tree is dressed in splendor each year.

I also have ornaments that do not grace my tree, but those that were given to me that included a stand. I have two such ornaments. One is a traditional globe with Santa on it and the other, I actually keep out all year. It was given to me by our oldest daughter, Jessica. ¬†It is an ornament that has a small family tree on it with Jim’s and my name at the bottom the children’s names in the tree. ¬†These are all wonderful, but I must say my favorite ornaments on the tree are those made by little hands.

If you have kids in your lives, I am sure you’ve all seen these¬†hand-made goodies. ¬†Santa’s made with construction paper, and cotton. Candles made with strung beads, Rudolf made with a clothes pin. The list is endless.
On my tree lives memories not only of my children’s younger days, but I believe one or two of mine have¬†survived, how that happened I am not sure!
I gave my sister back an ornament that she made as a child that hung on our tree for many years. I am not sure if she was happy with it our not.
These ornaments hold the most in my heart, and when one gets damaged beyond repair it is these that I truly hate to throw away. For these are by little hands with love and with the true spirit of giving, to parents or other adults that they held near and dear to their hearts.

I have not decided yet if I will pass these treasures on to the kids as they settle into their own lives with their own traditions.  For now they still grace my tree and remind me of the smiles or my children.

Merry Christmas!

Treasure Chest Thursday/ Grandparents

Gloria Bush, Marilyn Butler, Janet Ogilvie Center: David M. Ogilvie, Norman R. (Bud) Frazier, Barbara Kaye Ogilvie back: Warde Butler, Jr., Dorothy Davis, David Frazier, Barbara Butler, Donald Ogilvie

¬†Children’s children are the crown of old men,
And the glory of children is their father.
Proverbs 17:6

I often times wonder what my life might be like today if there had not been men of God in my family. What would my views on life be like, what would my circumstances be like?

I know that most of these men did not touch my life physically as at least four that I can name had passed before I was born. Great Grandpa Ogilvie, ¬†Great Grand Uncle Alexander Kaye and Great Grand Uncle James R. Kaye and last but certainly not least Great Uncle Harry Bush, where all men of the cloth. Really at this point I must say had it not been for James and Alex, I would probably would not be writing of this family. ¬†The story goes that Alex and David were in Seminary together at ¬†the Chicago Theological Seminary. As chance would have it Alex took his friend Dave home to a good home cooked meal and matters of the heart ensued. Dave’s eye fell on Alex’s sister Barbara and the rest is history. Their marriage took place on¬†17 May 1887 in Chicago Ill.

It says in the bible¬†James 5:16….The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. I must wonder if the prayers of these men’s parents were answered. I know that Alex and James’ father kept them in prayer even when James was not yet born. James was born shortly after his father, Byron’s, death. In a letter written by the mother Ellen shortly after the death of her husband she wrote this…

“I can give you but a brief account of your Dear Brothers last days on the morning of the 6th of March we had Breakfast at 7 oclock ¬†we had worship as usual he read the 9th ch of the romans passed some remarks on the lecture the minister gave the evening before kneeled down & commended himself & family to the care of his heavenly father the children had gathered around me to say the Lords prayer ¬†he turned round & looked at them left the house…”

Byron did not return home alive, yet if this is the habit he had in life he had his family constantly in front of the throne.¬†I would dare say he would have been proud of his boy’s, his son-in-law and at least one grandson-in-law.

Did the prayers of these men for their families bring blessing upon their families? Maybe from the outsiders eyes it might not seem so, but being among the children of children I can say my life has abounded with blessing, with loving and caring grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles. I would say that the great blessing is knowing that I am one of God’s children and that he loves me beyond compare. This of course is only one part of my family. There are and were Godly men in my mothers lineage that must have prayed for their generations as well.

I guess my point in all this is that treasures come in all different forms, but I truly believe that the treasures we lay up in heaven are the lives of our loved ones and our descendants as we seek to follow the Lord and we place their welfare in the Lord’s hands.