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Favorite Photo/ 52 Ancestors

Family Photo about 1850

This is one of my favorite photos, the picture tells me much, I just wish it told me who they are!

I believe the photo to have been taken in Scotland about 1850 dating the clothes and hair styles and the photographers information on the folder.

The photo reminds me of Sunday morning when trying to get little people ready for church. The little ones are dressed and looking cute as buttons. Whereas Dad is looking a bit ascue! Tie is not quite right and his collar is not right, can’t tell for sure if it should be up or down ! I can see two little ones scampering all over his lap before they were made to sit still for the photo, which in this time period is a bit of sitting still.

The on last question I have, is where is Mom? I am not sure if this is a common setting for a photo or not for that time period. As genealogy goes always questions!

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Happy 110th Birthday Nana/September 6, 1905/Sentemental Sunday

Ruth and Mack taken about 1980 or so in Florida

This is one birthday I never seem to forget, and I am not sure why. Perhaps there are a  lot of dates that fall within this first week of September, a wedding anniversary, a friends birthday, a nephews birthday. Maybe it is because the change of seasons, I really don’t know but I do know not many years go by that I don’t remember Nana on her day.

Nana was born Adela Ruth Ogilvie on September 6, 1905 in Clarence, Iowa. Her parents are Rev. David M. and Barbara (Kaye) Ogilvie who where married on May 17, 1887 in Cook County Illinois.

She went by her middle name Ruth rather than Adela. Nana signed her name after she was married Ruth O. McCartney, so she kept  her maiden name intact.

Ruth is the youngest of eight, consisting of 2 boys and 6 girls, it must have been very interesting for the youngmen in that household at times.Ruth must have had an excellent teacher in the kitchen, and was  a quick study, for when she was 12, she was  awarded for her cooking abilities.  Somewhere along the line Ruth decided  to teach and she pursued that profession. In 1930 census we find her teaching in the Doylestown Schools located in Wayne County, Ohio. In Doylestown I am told is where she met her future husband, my Grandfather, W. W. McCartney aka Mack, at a church gathering. Ruth was also his Latin teacher.

Mack and Ruth where married on November 2, 1935 in Newark, Licking County, Ohio. According to Ohio law at that time, she gave up her teaching, to become a full time wife and a mother to two boys. James and Thomas (Jimmy and Tommy ). I must say Nana never stopped teaching! She always had something to share, whether it be music, nature, grammar, etiquette. Nana played both organ and piano, she learned this at an early age from one of the organist at one of her fathers many pastorates. Ruth was the ogranist at Old South Church in Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio for a time.

By the time that I came along she was indeed a very busy lady, raising strawberries, helping grandpa with his orchard and garden and of course house work and her own flower gardens and all the other duties and hobbies that she had.

We as a family lost a treasure  to cancer on April 3, 1985, in North Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida. She now lies next to Grandpa at the South Cemetery on Rt. 306 (Chillicothe Rd.) Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio.

She is missed by many!

Happy Birthday Nana!

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Friday Family History /Henry and Mary Polly Cutter Munson 1821

Henry and Mary Cutter Munson are my 4th great grand Aunt and Uncle.

Henry Munson was the son of Isaac who was born in 1762 in Conneticut, and Elizabeth Andrews Munson, Henry was born in 1793. According to the 1850 Federal Census he was 50 and born about 1800 in Connecticut. The family removed to New York where Henry’s mother Elizabeth passed away in August of 1815. Henry and Isaac moved on to Ohio. Henry lived with his father for a few years in Franklin Township Wayne County Ohio. Isaac died 10 July 1830 and is buried in West Cemetery, Fredricksburgh, Ohio. On November 14 of 1821, Henry married Polly Cutter also known as Mary Cutter the daughter of Samuel and Mary Cole Cutter.

Henry and Mary had at least 7 children, they are:

Ezra Munson, married Eliza Wycoff both being born in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Ezra died in in Missouri. I do not know where Eliza died.

Samuel C. Munson, married Jane Hughes. I have no other information on this couple. At the end of his life Samuel settled in Medina County, Ohio, and that is where he died.

Eleanor Munson, married Jared Baker who was from Summit County, Ohio.

Mary Munson, married Isaiah Jones of Holmes County, Ohio. Mary died in 1862.

Elizabeth Munson, unmarried died Oct 12 1856.

Isaac Munson 19 September 1823 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Isaac married first Eliza A. Lowe. Eliza died in 1856. Isaac then married Susan Thomas, Isaac and Eliza had three children and Isaac had one child with Susan.

Last but surely not the least, my most favorite of all these children is Henry Jr.

Henry was born 12 Feb 1837 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Henry along with all the rest of these children are my first cousins five times removed. Ah but the story of Henry gets interesting, probably not for him in his time, but certainly in my time!

Henry was first married to Rebecca Jones daughter of John Jones. They were married on 12 February 1861 in Wayne County, Ohio. They had 5 children the youngest dying in infancy.

His next marriage was to a Miss Martha C. McCartney daughter of Samuel C. and Jamima Jackson McCartney. If this is sounding familiar to you. Samuel and Jamima are my third great grandparents, so that now makes Henry my Uncle by marriage to my second great grand aunt Martha! So Henry is my first cousin 5 times removed and my second great grand uncle! How fun is that. I had three men named Henry in my files. I now have just two. Henry Junior. and Henry Senior. It was fun connecting the dots!

My actual Cutter connection does not happen until Arthur C. and Christina S. Cutter McCartney are married on 4 July 1908 in Prairie Township, Summit County, Ohio. AC and Christina are my great grandparents. Christina is the second great granddaughter of Samuel and Mary Cole Cutter. AC is the great grandson of Samuel C. and Jamima Jackson McCartney. His grandfather Silas Jackson McCartney was a brother to Martha C. McCartney Munson.

The Munson family was a very prominent family in early Wayne and Medina Counties. There is a Munson Knob located within Wayne County and Two of the early Munson Homes are still standing and are listed with the Wayne County Historical Society.

Henry Sr., died 1 Dec 1867 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio., and Aunt Polly passed away on 4 May 1872 in Wayne County, Ohio.

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Amanuensis-Monday Letter from James R. Kaye to his great nephew and name sake James R. McCartney and the rest of the family.

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. From The National Standard Encyclopedia Amanuensis Monday was started on the Transylvanian Dutch Blog. This link will take you to the page concerning Amanuensis and why one should transcribe the records ! 

The letter below was written to my Grandparents and my Dad on the occasion of a visit from their Uncle and Great Uncle, James R. Kaye, the son of Byron and Ellen Smith Kaye of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. This and a few more letters were found in a scrapbook that my grandmother started for my Dad. I have been sorting through them and getting them put away in protective coverings. As time allows I will post more.


 Oak Park, Ill. April 30, 1938

James Ross McCartney aka Jimmie


Dear Ruth, Mac. and Jimmie:

I had such a mighty fine time with you all that I have been lonesome all week, not with standing the fact that I have been swamped with work.

You cannot know what a good time you gave me, and I want you to know how deeply I appreciate it.

I have been seeing You, Mac, out in the strawberry patch. I do hope you have had our good weather and got in all the plants. I am sure the frost danger is past, and trust everything will conspire to give you a bumper crop.

I have been telling the folks that you have everything that could be desired in your little home. It is ideal. I will always be able to picture you in it, and visualize all your movements. There you are Ruth playing with Jimmie, he chewing up the bus and Mac smoking his pipe, and your mother getting the greatest happiness out of the baby. That is what I call ideal.

You will never know little Jimmie how much happiness I got out of being with you those days. It will have an enduring place in memory. You are a darling baby, and no baby ever had finer, more ideal parents and grandma than you, and no one every had a sweeter baby.

I have been telling the folks all about you, Betty, Jimmie and little Jean wanted me to tell them more, and Jean was just as much interested as the other two. She said “Jean see baby-Mimi baby,”




by which she meant she wanted to see Jimmie baby. She calls her brother “Mimi.” They would all love to see your Jimmie.

Now, Jimmie, as I told you on the Columbus picture card, You and I , little pal, will get together some time for a joint birthday party. Won’t we have a good time! The folks will be invited, and will have the privilege of doing all the cooking and baking and join in the eating.

What a happiness it will be to watch your growing life. What a joy you are and are going to be to your Mamma and daddy, because it will be impossible to find a finer boy and a finer, noble man in a week’s ride.

I have given your mother the facts regarding the state of things here, Ruth, and my talk with Winnie.

Kiss little Jimmie for me often.

I am wishing for you all every good thing and every Divine blessing, remembering you all at the Throne of Grace, and that the Good Shepperd will keep you, protect and pasture the little in your home and keeping.

Marjorie and all join in love to you all.

Your loving Uncle,






Climb Every Mountain-A View from another Window

CJ McCartney on an early quest
On an adventure





Coming from lands far away a young traveler has embarked on a dream of a life time. Study in a foreign land in the beautiful mountains of Austria and the history filled city of Salzburg!

Follow her on her 14 week adventure, as she climbs every mountain, fords every stream, follows every rainbow. (to shamelessly take from “The Sound of Music”)

What interesting things might she find? What narrow escapes from danger will she meet?  What lands will she visit? Join her daily at, “A View from another Window“.

Aunt Julie is very proud of you young lady!  What I have seen so far has been really good!  Have a wonderful adventure full of realized dreams!

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