Friday Family History /Henry and Mary Polly Cutter Munson 1821

Henry and Mary Cutter Munson are my 4th great grand Aunt and Uncle.

Henry Munson was the son of Isaac who was born in 1762 in Conneticut, and Elizabeth Andrews Munson, Henry was born in 1793. According to the 1850 Federal Census he was 50 and born about 1800 in Connecticut. The family removed to New York where Henry’s mother Elizabeth passed away in August of 1815. Henry and Isaac moved on to Ohio. Henry lived with his father for a few years in Franklin Township Wayne County Ohio. Isaac died 10 July 1830 and is buried in West Cemetery, Fredricksburgh, Ohio. On November 14 of 1821, Henry married Polly Cutter also known as Mary Cutter the daughter of Samuel and Mary Cole Cutter.

Henry and Mary had at least 7 children, they are:

Ezra Munson, married Eliza Wycoff both being born in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Ezra died in in Missouri. I do not know where Eliza died.

Samuel C. Munson, married Jane Hughes. I have no other information on this couple. At the end of his life Samuel settled in Medina County, Ohio, and that is where he died.

Eleanor Munson, married Jared Baker who was from Summit County, Ohio.

Mary Munson, married Isaiah Jones of Holmes County, Ohio. Mary died in 1862.

Elizabeth Munson, unmarried died Oct 12 1856.

Isaac Munson 19 September 1823 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Isaac married first Eliza A. Lowe. Eliza died in 1856. Isaac then married Susan Thomas, Isaac and Eliza had three children and Isaac had one child with Susan.

Last but surely not the least, my most favorite of all these children is Henry Jr.

Henry was born 12 Feb 1837 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Henry along with all the rest of these children are my first cousins five times removed. Ah but the story of Henry gets interesting, probably not for him in his time, but certainly in my time!

Henry was first married to Rebecca Jones daughter of John Jones. They were married on 12 February 1861 in Wayne County, Ohio. They had 5 children the youngest dying in infancy.

His next marriage was to a Miss Martha C. McCartney daughter of Samuel C. and Jamima Jackson McCartney. If this is sounding familiar to you. Samuel and Jamima are my third great grandparents, so that now makes Henry my Uncle by marriage to my second great grand aunt Martha! So Henry is my first cousin 5 times removed and my second great grand uncle! How fun is that. I had three men named Henry in my files. I now have just two. Henry Junior. and Henry Senior. It was fun connecting the dots!

My actual Cutter connection does not happen until Arthur C. and Christina S. Cutter McCartney are married on 4 July 1908 in Prairie Township, Summit County, Ohio. AC and Christina are my great grandparents. Christina is the second great granddaughter of Samuel and Mary Cole Cutter. AC is the great grandson of Samuel C. and Jamima Jackson McCartney. His grandfather Silas Jackson McCartney was a brother to Martha C. McCartney Munson.

The Munson family was a very prominent family in early Wayne and Medina Counties. There is a Munson Knob located within Wayne County and Two of the early Munson Homes are still standing and are listed with the Wayne County Historical Society.

Henry Sr., died 1 Dec 1867 in Franklin Township, Wayne County, Ohio., and Aunt Polly passed away on 4 May 1872 in Wayne County, Ohio.

Happy Hunting!