Census Sunday-More Then Just Grandma and Grandpa In The Census….a neat surprise!

Silas J. McCartney and Family 1920 Census

Silas J. McCartney and Family 1920 Census

As I wander through the census records I very rarely visit the top the page unless I am looking to cite a page that does contain information that I am going to use. I received a very nice surprise when I was taking a look at this bit of the census from Norton Township in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio.

I was in search of my second great-grandfather and his family. Thanks to  Ancesty I did find them in the 1920 census, everyone listed properly ! I love it when that happens, no questions no second guessing, it indeed was them.  I was looking for Silas J. McCartney and his wife Nancy “Nannie” …….. before I tell you what I found, how about you check the page out and figure what little surprise I received.  Did you figure it out??
Silas was the enumerator on this census in this area, so along with his family history I also have in my records one whole page of his hand writing. I have to say for an enumerator it wasn’t too bad. Thank you grandpa for leaving a clue!

May your hunts through the census bring you many little surprises!

Happy Hunting

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