Friday Family History-Happy Birthday Cousin Glenn A. McCartney Sr.

Today in Friday Family History, I will be sharing with you some exciting things that I have come across in my research. Number one would be a cousin I didn’t know I had, two would be a handy function of Legacy that I have used to create my history weekly and finally a new function on Legacy that I have learned how to use to make my research and documentation that much easier.

First let me introduce you to my 1st cousin twice removed (my grandfathers own cousin).  Glenn Arthur McCartney Sr.,  was born on the 30 of August 1918 in Barberton Ohio. Glenn is the son of Otis Altee and Zetta Pearl Christopher McCartney. His siblings include Geraldine McCartney Reeder, Nancy Evelyn McCartney McGary, William O. McCartney, and Ada Frances McCartney Millbaugh.

We find Glenn residing with his parents and sibling in Barberton Ohio in the 1930 census and again in the 1940 census for that area, although you find him in his Mothers household and his Father in another household across town.  Pearl is divorced at the time of the 1940 census.

Glenn’s beautiful bride is Evelyn Mildred. I do not have a date of marriage or her maiden name. I do not know when they were married, however I do know that Evelyn and Glenn are buried next to each other in Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States as husband and wife. You can find their Memorial at Find A Grave.

Glenn is a WWII veteran he was a member of the Army 709th Air Material Squadron. Honorably discharged as PFC on October 19, 1945.

Glenn had at least one child, Glenn Arthur Jr.

We find Glenn next serving 14 year on the Akron police force as a patrol man. Glenn is living in Akron in 1960 shortly before his death on June 5, 1960.

Hats off to a cousin who served twice, thank you.

Now earlier I mentioned some neat tools on legacy that I used.

The first one is the make a calendar function. I set it to record anniversaries and birthdays. When I open it I check for the events on that Friday. Sometimes there or no events on that day and sometimes there are more than one . When I use this function I don’t have to go digging through my files for these folks, they come to me !

The other function that I have found very helpful is the source clip board. I will not go into the specifics of this function, but rather send you to someone who has written a short how to book that I have used (this is unsolicited I paid for my copy of his book and he did not ask me to do this) the books title is Legacy Unlocked by Geoffrey D. Rasmussen. This tool has actually helped me to stay the course. I don’t know if anyone else is like me, but when I happen on records that I am not really looking for I go off in tangents and forget about my original search. This nifty tool helps me keep focused! Check out Geoffrey’s book and see if it is something that can help you with your research!

PS (Sept 5, 2013) The book is not on the shelves yet.  I actually received an email from Legacy and prepaid for the book, but in doing so they had a special if I pre-ordered I would receive a pdf of the book ! Sorry if I have caused confusion for not adding this bit of information earlier.  I can’t wait to receive my hard copy !

Have a wonderful day and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN GLENN!