Friday Family History-Happy 13th Birthday Baby!

Thirteen years ago today Nov 30, 1999
You came into our lives in a quiet way.
Everyone had gone to lunch so that Momma could rest,
and as she rested you slipped into this world.

From those quiet beginnings came a young lady
That is full of ideas and the willingness to share them.
A blessing she is to those who know her.
A will that is hard as brick, which bore testimony in the 24 hours it
took for her to get here.

Her heart is even bigger and stronger than her will.
A heart that loves beyond what she understands and holds tight to those
that she loves. What a blessing she is!

She is a lovely young lady that a grandmother can truly be proud of.

We wish the blessing of a beautiful day!
May God continue to bless you.

Love Grandma


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