Reading! Almost an Addiction!

The topic for this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: Reading!

OH Boyyyyyy, said in the way Sam Beckett from, Quantum Leap, mutters as he is yet again finds himself  in a new body.  I am not sure how much my ancestors read, I can tell you that at the homes of both set of grandparents there were books galore. Both of my Grandmothers were teachers, that does not necessarily make them readers, but those who understand how important reading is and to encourage us to read.,

I remember cozy nights at Nana’s where she would tuck us in to bed and read from Winnie the Pooh to us. To this day Winnie and his friends are some of my favorites, there are some wonderful life lessons in those book. In their upstairs bedroom there was a book-case next to one of the single beds and in it were farm manuals, science magazines and the Readers Digest, I am going to guess there was some bedtime reading going on there.  I know Grandma Terrill read because in the summer when it was nice and we were visiting she would allow me to return her books to the library at the school next door.

My mother is an avid reader, I can recall a time when she would take out 5 or 6 books from the library and have them all read before the due date and returned to get five more. I am not sure if she still reads to that extent, but I do know that she still reads a lot. I know one of the books that she is in the middle of reading Albion’s Seed a huge undertaking all in itself. I am sure she has at least one or two more books that she is reading as well.

With all of this said, I too have the reading bug! I have been known to finish a good book in less the 24 hours, forsaking all other tasks! Much to the chagrin of the rest of my family! For some reason, they get hungry and need clean clothes! Go figure!

I started reading chapter books fairly early. My first recollection of finishing a chapter book was Little House In the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder and of course I finished the rest of the series that year. I moved on to such books as Nancy Drew Mysteries,which how many I devoured am I not sure! In the mix through my middle and high-school years you’ll find the likes of “Little Women“, “Jo’s Boy’s“, “Little Men“,”Airport“, many novels written about the British Royal Family. King Henry the VIII and his wives being my favorite subject. Those were books I read for pleasure. I took many Literature courses in High-school and read books and stories by, Poe, Bradbury, Frank Herbert, John Steinbeck and many more. In this mix is a Bible that Mom and Dad gave to me for my 13th birthday. I still have it, it is well read and in sad shape. That Bible is now on a shelf  so it can last a little longer. To be replaced by another that is getting to look rather rough as well!

I still read, I haven’t read a novel in a while. I might have to think about finding one, although when Mom finishes reading  Albion’s Seed it will be the next thing on my reading agenda and I understand that is a large undertaking!  The literature that I read know is either books about Christian discipleship, church history, or history in general. I have always loved history, I am a family historian and genealogist and the history that I now read revolves around my ancestors or places where they lived and died. The Bible is still by far the most often read. I do have a Kindle Fire that I love and I have several books downloaded on it at a time! I really like it, although I wonder if I needed a Fire….I get distracted by the internet LOL and all the fun apps!

The love of reading came from my mother and grandparents, where it came from before that I am not sure. Maybe that will be a mystery that I will unraveled in time!

I would love to hear what you’ve read and why.

Happy Hunting!





Friday Family History/Payne Johnson 206 yrs old 25 May 1806

Payne Johnson – born 2 May, 1807* (in my record I have 25 May 1806) in Sullivan Co. Tenn. and married 29 March, 1834 in Perry Co. Ky. to Margaret Bates, died 5 March, 1882 in Pike Co. Ky. and is buried in the Johnson Cemetery in Pike Co. Ky.

Payne is related  to my husband in many ways. The Burke, Tackett, Johnson, and Hampton  families are  early settlers of Pike Co. Kentucky and it is through all these families that Payne is Jim’s 3rd Great grand-uncle, half 3rd Great grand-uncle,1 st cousin 5 times removed.  Elizabeth Johnson, Payne’s sister, is Jim’s 3rd Great-grandmother. Elizabeth married William Hall.  There are many more twists and turns in these trees, they are fun and challenging to flesh out.

I have not worked these lines in a while and I am going to believe that the information at The Descendants of Thomas Johnson*, maybe up to date. I urge you to visit the following sites to further your quest in your Johnson research especially if they are in Eastern Kentucky.

Johnson History Garyl Arlin Johnson

*The Descendants of Thomas Johnson by Jimmie Jackson

Descendants Of Thomas Johnson Sr. Of Pike Co., KY by Ellen Carper

Happy Hunting!

Surname Saturday and the 1940 Census meet!

As many of you know I have been part of the large team that is busy indexing the 1940 Census. I indexed  a few pages in the Oregon census. There I ran across who I thought might be a cousin, but I had no information on this man and so I moved on.

In the past week or so a cousin of mine was working on part of the KAYE family that went from Ontario Canada to Wisconsin moving further west to Washington State then some of the descendants of Abel were found in, you guessed it, Oregon. Trying to pin down where Claude and John C. Kaye are located  in Oregon. Dave sent me some information that put one man in Clackamas Oregon and one in Milwaukie Oregon. I didn’t have a clue if these were counties or cities so I did a search at Family Search and I found Claude in Clackamas Co. on you guessed it the page that I had indexed earlier. The enumeration district was only a voting precinct so I still didn’t know what town. Using the road that he is listed on and doing a search on that road alone, I found a road that runs out of  Oregon City by the name of S. Redland Road. A dear friend of mine that lives in that area of Oregon said that was a major road in that area and that I was closing in on Claude.

I need to do so more digging and I am hoping I will find Claude’s final resting place and that of John’s as well.

Had I not been helping with the census, maybe that little piece might still be undone. There are thousands typing there little fingers off at The 1940 Census Community Project. What a feeling of accomplishment to bring up a page you know you transcribed.

Please remember this below outline, is work in progress and has not all been proven. Please take it  as a guide line and not the gospel truth.

This is a short outline of the Abel Kaye family:

Descendants of Abel Kaye

1-Abel Kaye b. 25 Aug 1838, Yorkshire, England, d. 16 Nov 1916, Ridgefield,
Washington, USA. (Clark Co)
+Eliza Wilson m. Bef 1874( I have more on this marriage, but it has not been put into my gen program yet.)
+Mary A. Kent b. Oct 1852, Wisconsin, m. 29 Mar 1874, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 3
Aug 1932, Chehalis, Lewis, Washington
2-Sidney Kaye b. 17 Sep 1883, Dunn Co. Wisconsin, d. 7 Jul 1948, Marion,
+Lula Louise Mattatall b. 20 Dec 1892, McPherson, South Dakota, m. 26 Jan
3-Keith Kaye b. 19 Jul 1920, Ridgefield, Washington, USA. (Clark Co)
2-/Child Kaye/ b. Cir 1875, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. Bef 1900
2-Lillie Alice Kaye b. 29 Mar 1877, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. Feb 1970,
Molalla, Clackamas, Oregon
+Thomas Elmer Stratton b. 7 Sep 1873, Menominee, Dunn, Wisconsin, m. 24
Sep 1895, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 16 May 1929, Enterprise,, Okanogan,
3-Albert James Stratton b. 22 Feb 1896, Menominee, Dunn, Wisconsin, d.
29 Sep 1963, Vallejo, Solano, California
3-Ralph Kaye Stratton b. 9 Jul 1898, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 1 Sep 1961,
Clatsop, Oregon
2-Claude Kaye b. 7 Jun 1880, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 23 Oct 1945,
Clackamas, Oregon
+Frances Yost b. 16 Apr 1884, Pennsylvania, m. 22 Aug 1907, Farmington,
Davis, Utah
+Anna H. Bridwell b. Aug 1877, Ohio, m. 19 Feb 1924, Multnomah, Oregon,
d. 16 Apr 1943, Multnomah, Oregon
+Jennie E. Cook b. 25 May 1880, Lyons, Ionia, Michigan, m. 10 Jul 1931,
Oregon, d. 17 Jun 1950, Orange, California, par. Seth B. /Cook/ and Annie
Elizabeth Bastione
2-Estella Kaye b. 23 Sep 1886, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 21 Aug 1934,
La Center, Clark, Washington
+Emil Johnson b. 6 Apr 1882, Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, m. Cir 1905,
Washington, d. 8 Apr 1952, La Center, Clark, Washington
2-Harriet Irene Kaye b. Oct 1891, Tiffany, Dunn, Wisconsin, d. 21 Sep
1944, Vancouver, Washington
+Winfred F. Babler b. 19 Sep 1879, Monroe, Green, Wisconsin, m. 26 Feb
1916, Multnomah, Oregon, d. 9 Dec 1956, Brush Prairie, Clark, Washington

Looking at the dates and places, I am wondering if the family just might have traveled the Oregon Trail or at least part of it on their way to Washington. Hummmmmm something more to look into!

Happy Hunting!