Friday Family History/Lillian A. Dutton m. Quintus C. Hale 11 Nov 1897 Married 114 yrs ago

Lillian Artemisse Dutton was the daughter of Israel and Sarah Stanton Dutton.
Lillian is the sister of  Florence Jeannette Dutton who married my second Great- grand Uncle David Smith Kaye.

Lillian was born on 12 of April 1856 in Curry, Pennsylvania.
She married first Alfred S. Howlett that marriage ended in death.

Lillian then married Quintus C. Hale on 11 November 1897. The marriage took place in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin.
I have no children for this couple, although I have not done a detailed search for children resulting in this marriage.

I had several events show up for 11 Nov in my family calendar. I chose this one because of the groom’s names. How many Quintus Cincinnatus do you know ? I can think of only one! Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus.
I did a little research and I now wonder if Quintus’ father was a member of The  Society of the Cincinnati, or just a history buff that held Lucius in high esteem. The Society was a rather élite hereditary society.

Quintus was born 4 February 1838 in Omro, Winne County, Wisconsin. He died on the 19 of March 1904 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Lillian followed Quintus in death 24 years later. Lillian passed on 14 November 1930 in Ocala, Marion County, Florida. She may have been living with or near her son by her first marriage as I have death for him in the same county and city in Florida.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Jean E. DeLauche

    Thank you for relating the results of your research. I have been researching the children of Israel and Sarah (sometimes called Sally) Stanton, Dutton, as well.

    One of Lillian A. Dutton’s brothers, Mervil S. Dutton married someone in one of my family lines: Alice J. Ogden, of Waupaca, Waupaca Co., Wis. Alice was Mervil’s first wife. The 1905 Wisconsin census (there was a mid-decade census for Wis.) for Alice Dutton (surname transcribed as “Sutton” by an transcriber) indicates she was divorced by 1905. She never remarried.

    Alice J. Ogden and Mervil S. Dutton had 1 child, a daughter, Elizabeth Dutton, b. 6 Oct 1879, Waupaca County, Wis. According to the 1880 census record, Alice, husband Mervil, and daughter Elizabeth, lived with Alice’s father, Caleb Smith Ogden in Waupaca. Alice and daughter Elizabeth continued to live with Alice’s father and his 2nd wife, Josephine, after the split with Mervil, it seems.

    One minor correction to your wonderful biography of Lillian A. Dutton, Omro, where Lillian’s 2nd husband Quintus was born is in Winnebago Co., Wisconsin. I’ve been to Omro (well, past it, really.) :-) I spent most of my life in Wisconsin and spent much time in Waupaca, Waupaca Co., Wis.

    As for Mervil S. Dutton, he served in the 47th Wisconsin Infantry, Co. D., as a private and a drummer boy, during the War Between the States (enlisted 23 Jan 1865; mustered out 4 Sep 1865 at Nashville, Tenn.)

    Feel free to contact me through, if you have a paid subscription, or through (with a free registration)via the Message Board for Waupaca County, Wisconsin. My ID for both and is my 1st name initial immediately followed by my last name, all in lower case letters.

    Most recently I posted information on Mervil S. Dutton on the Waupaca Co., Wis. message board (, which is the same as the Waupaca Co., Wis. message board.)

    Jean E. DeLauche

    • Jean,
      Thank you for taking the time to share the information on Mervil and the correction to my data on Quintus’ location. I have Winnebago Co. in my records, sigh somethings things get lost in the translation, thank you for pointing it out! I do have a ancestry account so I will indeed be looking you up!


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