Friday Family History on Sept 30/William and Anna Hogston Lewis married 172 yrs ago today

Anna Hogston is my Husband’s 3 great grand-aunt.

Anna Hogston, married William Lewis on 30 Sept 1839 in Washington City, Smyth Co., Va.

Anna is the daughter of John and Prudence Hogston of Smyth Co. Va. Her brother John and Susan Taylor Hogston are  Jim’s 3 great-grandparents.

Each time I do this historical day, I find so much more information that needs be to gathered. I don’t know how people can have “done” family trees! Maybe they are just more persistent than I am.

On a side note it is also my Brother-in-laws 54 Birthday and he shared this day with his Aunt Neola G. Burke, she was born on 30 Sep 1920 in Hartley, Pike Co., Ky the daughter of Joseph and Eliza Jane Elswick Burke.

Happy Hunting!

Wisdom Wednesday (Stretching it a bit)

I am going to stretch the Wisdom Wednesday prompt a bit today.

Both of my grandmothers, Arleen Louise Beach Terrill and A. Ruth Ogilvie McCartney where teachers. They both imparted wisdom, some of which I will share on a later date. Attending school was part of the wisdom gathering process.

What I am sharing today would  fit  nicely in Amanuensis Monday, but I am a day late and a dollar short<~~~~ see some words of wisdom? did creep into this post !

Ruth Ogilvie graduated from College of Wooster in Wayne Co. Ohio, in 1928. She was not among the notables listed on the website above,  to me she is quite note worthy.  While sorting through some family records I found the Fifty-eighth Annual Commencement
of The College of Wooster program. I posted it to my website and I am now sharing it with you. There are  some photos that grandma took of some friends from Wooster, that were not part of the orignal program.

I now introduce you to the class of 1928.  (can you hear “Pomp & Circumstance” playing?)

Happy Hunting!

Chili’s for a cure

There have been some trials in our lives in that last year.

Two of my nephew are suffering from the ravages of cancer.

One nephew has completed his chemo treatments for now, the markers where good at his last appointment. Praise the Lord. As he gets stronger we still have yet another nephew that has Leukemia and has just under gone his third round of chemo and is doing okay, at the moment he is getting a blood and platelet transfusion, as the chemo kills the good stuff too. He has invited all of his FB friend to join him at Chili’s this afternoon as they are donating 100% of their profits today to St Jude’s Hospital.

I invite you to join us as we partake dinner with family and friends of our nephew at Chili’s.

A prayer from them both would also be appreciated.

Bon Appétit!


Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

SNGF from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings

Hey there, genea-philes – it’s Saturday Night — time for more Genealogy Fun!!
I’m always on the lookout for websites that can find living people.  I read about Spokeo this week and thought that I would try it out.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:
1)  Go to Spokeo – and put in your name (or any name).
2)  See what Spokeo says about you.  Is it accurate?
3)  Share what you want to share with us in a blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a status or comment on Facebook, or in a Stream post on Google Plus.

Here is what I found out about me 😀 Some very correct things and some not so much!

There is only one person with my name combination. I don’t know if that is good or bad! I can truly say I am unique!

Phone, Address, Location, email are correct as far as I can tell with all the **** that block the numbers and letters the identify me for sure.

Female check
Early 50’s check
Married check
own house check ( almost, bank still owns it technically )
worth of home, is low to what state says it’s worth, but I bet I couldn’t sell it for more than  this now.
Caucasian  check
Aquarius nope
Protestant check
High School check
Family of four…. gee did I borrow the youngest two? Only the two oldest children are listed. LOL!

Plays sports  nope
enjoys sailing ???? never done it LOL
Enjoys the outdoors yep
Loves to travel yep
Likes music yep
Loves reading yep
Subscribes to magazines nope
Has children yep
Cares about healthy living yep
Enjoys gardening yep
Enjoys home decorating yep
Enjoys home improvement yep
Likes cars they are what they are LOL a way to get around!
Researches investments nope
Is a collector dead people count?
Collects antique  ditto

This was an interesting exercise Randy, wondering if there is a way to block this information LOL but someone else would just gather it again… probably a exercise in futility!

Try it folks! Might be surprised what you might find! I know I found a cousin of my husband years ago when I did a search on my name.  He has a  3 rd great Aunt named Julia Hogston :D.

Happy Hunting!

Treasure Chest Thursday/ From Negatives to Flesh

I am a bit back ward this week, and I apologize for this! After I posted what I had worked on for part of the week and had it ready to post for Friday, I remembered that I had not posted Thursday’s offering.

This weeks treasure came in the forms of pictures, some that I have already shared with you. The picture of my grand parents

A. Ruth Ogilvie and Willard Warren McCartney

and the picture of my grandmother and her siblings standing from youngest to oldest and all but the youngest trying not to giggle. ( proving to me it is always the youngest that starts things 😀 )

These picture were found as I have stated before in box of boxes, the treasure in these photos is that fact they were negatives and I really had no clue what they held! I was fearful to take them to a chain operated photo department. Most of them are great with digital photos and photos taken recently, but these were single negatives, and I guessed they were at least 70 yrs old. I asked around and found a Photographer! He has done excellent work for me and I would like to give him a mention. If you’re in the metro Detroit and need work done, I would suggest Joe. You can find Joe at Photo Joe/Joseph Marshall Photography

Those negatives are 70-year-old, and actually some of them closer to 80 yrs old.
The greatest treasure  the majority of these photos were taken at a Ogilvie Family reunion in Dresden Ohio in 1933. I believe there were only two people in the family not present. I couldn’t have hoped for more! I now have pictures of my great-grandparents with their children, spouses and grand-children. Now that is what I call putting flesh on bones!

There was just one problem with these photos and it really wasn’t with them, but with my knowledge of the family. I could place my grandmother and a favorite aunt, but the most of the rest of them were guesses for me. To change this dilemma I posted them to and invited family members to help me put names to faces and I also invited them to print or download what they wanted. There were over 100 negatives (I still have more to developed) so I thought this would be the best way to share them. I have many more photos of other families and I am thinking seriously about doing the same with them. You can visit the share page of the Ogilvie photos mentioned above at Ogilvie Family Photos.

They are now being put in an album and being named. There will be a disk added to the album . I  will be saving them both Tif and jpg files. I am not sure yet how I will index and name them on the disc. That will be my next adventure.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!