Bowdoin Family

James Bowdoin II & Elizabeth Bowdoin

James Bowdoin II & his sister Elizabeth. A portrait by Joseph Blackburn.
Circa 1760 Oil on Canvas, 36 7/8 X 58 inches, Bequest of Mrs. Sarah Bowdoing Dearborn.
You may view this at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine.

Descendant, writes: “These are early descendants of
my Huguenot ancestors who left New Rochelle, France. The original
immigrant was Pierre BOWDOIN who arrived in Salem, Massachusetts
in 1686. He went to Casco Bay, Maine where he had a land grant. The
indians were unfriendly, so the family moved to Boston where we find
him in 1690.
His wife’s name was Elizabeth FIXE and they had four known children who
came with them, James, John, Mary & Elizabeth.”

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